The M6 Group entrusts the management of its talents to TalentSoft

m6 group

An HR solution serving the career management of 1,650 employees

Founded 25 years ago, the M6 Group employs more than 1,830 staff across its 26 subsidiaries. With more than 300 job areas, the group faces strong managerial challenges. Career management and competencies development is a major issue for its Human Resources department.

The M6 Group has chosen the TalentSoft solution to provide an optimal assessment process for all of its employees and support its HR policy. With this new integrated tool, the Group is demonstrating its desire to offer new HR services to its employees and cover a greater range of interviews.

Using the TS evaluation and TS my talentsoft modules as a basis, the M6 Group is introducing more flexibility into its management and implementation of the annual performance reviews conducted by its 400 managers. Access to employees’ career-related information via online profiles assists in the planning of professional development and dialogue within the company.

The TalentSoft solution addresses our need to implement a stable software which integrates with our intranet and provides a data security level approved by our Information Systems department. The ergonomic design and usability of this SaaS solution have made the difference. The user-oriented and intuitive interface will improve communication between employees, HR and managers,says Marianne Descamps, Human Resources Development Manager at the M6 Group.

The M6 Group has taken advantage of the “TS Plug&Play” project methodology to roll out a turnkey solution based on best market practices within a timescale of less than 10 weeks. HR staff will have access to automated reports – in some cases customised to comply with the Group’s visual identity guidelines. This increases their productivity and lets them refocus on their core skills.

TalentSoft’s dedicated team has listened to us and consistently worked to find solutions to the specific issues we face, which has meant a quick rollout for the software. We’re now ready to hit the ground running with our end-of-year annual appraisals,says Marianne Descamps.

In the short term, the M6 Group plans to use TalentSoft to diversify its range of interviews, including internal mobility in particular.

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