Talentsoft reaffirms its commitment to customers and the European Tech ecosystem through French Tech Pass and partnership with WonderLeon


Talentsoft is proud to announce its participation in the 2017-2018 edition of French Tech Pass. This special program has been created to allow companies like Talentsoft to further accelerate their ability to offer innovative products. Furthermore, in an effort to enhance its ability to support international customers Talentsoft is pleased to announce its partnership with WonderLeon, an international recruitment program.


Talentsoft, the European leader in talent management, is proud to be part of the 2017-2018 edition of French Tech Pass. This program is designed specifically for French organizations that are not only growing quickly, but are also offering disruptive products that can benefit global customers. Joining this program will enable Talentsoft to scale more effectively and roll out an even higher volume of innovative tools to ensure companies around the world can meet their talent management needs.

In light of the rapid growth Talentosoft is experiencing, the company has paired up with the international talent recruiting program WonderLeon. This program has been created to help attract international talent to work with French technology companies. In partnering with Wonderleon Talentsoft will be working to ensure that its team is stocked with international talent that has adopted a global mindset. Doing so will ensure the company can quickly address the diverse range of challenges and opportunities that its international customers face.

“We’re honoured to join the community of French Tech ambassadors. The French Tech Pass program and our partnership with WonderLeon places us among the French Tech companies that are experiencing strong growth and offering truly great products. It also allows us to be part of a community of entrepreneurs who’ve taken a similar path to Talentsoft”, said Jean-Stéphane Arcis, CEO of Talentsoft. “The Pass French Tech is a great way to enhance our growth, share our expertise, and continue to innovate for our customers.”