Talentsoft reveals Talentsoft Hub, its new Core HR and Workforce Management solution


Talentsoft, the European leading HCM cloud vendor, announced the launch of Talentsoft Hub, its new, completely customisable HR data management solution. Talentsoft Hub is a further extension of the software vendor’s HR management cloud. Talentsoft Hub helps structure HR data, simplifies administration management, makes interfaces with other software easier to set up, and offers better follow up and indicators with its natively integrated HR Analytics solution.

68% of Human Resource leaders today plan to implement an HR data standardisation process within the next 18 months*. Talentsoft Hub can help human resource practitioners overcome this major challenge by structuring employee data in three possible ways: a consolidating system (Talentsoft Hub receives and consolidates data from a third-party system), distributed system (Talentsoft Hub is the primary data holder and supplies information to other systems), or hybrid system (Talentsoft Hub is the primary data holder for some data, and the replicant for other data). This superior flexibility creates the optimal time-to-value for HR and IT by shortening implementation periods and reducing costs.

Thanks to Talentsoft Hub’s in-context and location-based user interface, which is combined with automated data verification, employees benefit from full self-service functionality and  can actively contribute to administration management .

Talentsoft Hub provides HR teams with best-in-class user experience for their management of employees and HR data. The system is connected via APIs to multiple, complementary HR systems (such as payroll, time & attendance, and expenses management) to meet the needs of decentralised and multinational organisations.

Talentsoft Hub displays all employee information on a single page and centralises all administrative events while ensuring data control, data history, data tracking amd compliance with local laws and regulations.

Talentsoft Hub is natively integrated with Talentsoft’s HR Analytics solution and provides real-time indicators to analyse workforce, organisational structure, employee mobility and more.

“We are proud to present our clients with a solution as comprehensive as Talentsoft Hub. It offers a completely customisable interface that adapts to organisations’ processes irrespective of their geographic scope and associated regulatory requirements, size, or HR processes. Talentsoft Hub is the perfect solution for companies in need of a flexible and strong system to manage and structure their HR data,said Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Talentsoft.

The Talentsoft Hub solution offers:

  • Automated data checks to ensure HR database quality and reliability
  • Self-service and a contextualised user interface
  • Local libraries and data mapping for central consolidation
  • Standard connectors and APIs for easy integration with all your systems
  • Reduced implementation costs and time thanks to its distributed, consolidating, or hybrid system

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