Talent Sourcing Expertise and Innovation at SOSU Europe 23-24 September


The world today is full of incredibly talented people who have the skills and experiences companies desperately need – the trick is in finding them and convincing them to join your organization.  In the past it was possible to simply post a job vacancy and be confident in having at least a few of these talented people apply, but now, this “post and pray” approach is often not good enough. Instead, proactive sourcing of talent is one of the only ways an organization can hope to land prospective candidates that truly fit with the job.

How does talent sourcing work? Where is it headed? What are the latest innovations? These are important questions that every business needs to answer if it wants to succeed in attracting and retaining talent. One of the best ways to learn about the latest innovations and best practices in the world of talent sourcing is to attend the Sourcing Summit (#SOSU) Europe event in Amsterdam this September. Over the course of two days some of the best and brightest sourcing pioneers in the world will be sharing their ideas, experiences, and advice. SOSU is a must attend event for everyone who is serious about talent sourcing and Talentsoft is proud to announce that it will be one of the event’s sponsors.

SOSU was first held in 2011 and had the goal to “highlight the growing importance of talent sourcing, promote and spread new thinking, and bring together practitioners to network and learn from each other.” The first European version of the event was held in 2013 and was a smash hit. 2014 was as well, and this year’s event is looking to maintain the precedent. Tickets are selling quickly, so be sure to purchase yours today! You can purchase them here. Use the code TALENTSOFT15 to get a 15% discount on your tickets!

Some members of the Talentsoft team will be there as well, focusing on our latest innovation: Hello Talent. Hello Talent is a new, innovative tool that allows you to source candidates from all over the web and then share them with fellow recruiters, hiring managers, etc. The tool is free to use.

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Want to know more about Hello Talent or SOSU? Reach out to us at contact@hellotalent.com