Talentsoft unveils product innovations for Summer 2017


The company presented its latest product innovations on June 13th at its annual user conference that brought together more than 1,500 European HR experts at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

HR departments around the world have had to refocus their efforts on employee expectations as a result of digitization and talent wars. Talentsoft presented new functionalities at its annual user conference on June 13th. These product innovations aim to facilitate continuous conversation with employee, a positive work experience and personalized career paths.

Streamline administrative management

The Talentsoft Hub solution enables users to structure HR data to facilitate administrative management at each step of an employee’s career including managing employee file, organizational structure, employee self-service, etc.

Talentsoft Hub combines a contextualised user interface with automatic data quality checks to ensure data consistency. It verifies the data accuracy (e.g. number of digits in an employee’s social security number) and the impact on other data sets in the Talentsoft suite to ensure Core HR reliability.
The Talentsoft Hub solution can be used as a consolidating, distributive, or hybrid system (master or replica), and that adaptability to an organization’s specific requirements greatly facilitate the deployment. Talentsoft Hub includes standard, predefined systems of reference and allows users to create their own versions.

Use Case: The HRD of a company that is expanding worldwide and opening a new subsidiary can use Talentsoft Hub to create the new subsidiary in the system, assign employees to the new unit, and ask them to update their personal profile using a country-specific form. This ensures that the company adheres to local processes and norms. Talentsoft Hub logs all the data and launches alerts and controls.

Talentsoft-Hub-homepage Reveal underlying trends and prepare for future challenges

Talentsoft Analytics introduces a new dimension to HR decision-making and offers pre-built dashboards and automatic indicators.

The native integration of the Analytics tool in the Talentsoft solution enables HR teams and managers to access analyses coming from all their HR processes—all this without the need for technical skills. Once the data trends have been identified, the drill-through feature allows users to directly access results to facilitate decision-making and better anticipate future challenges.

Practical scenario: A company wishes to offer employees working at the headquarters positions in its new subsidiary in China. The HRD uses a pre-built dashboard to identify, in real time, employees who could potentially join the new venture. For example the HRD can then filter all the employees working at the headquarters who have asked for a short-term geographical mobility in China. They can then identify several employees with the right profile from the sales teams. Then, they can access this list of employees directly from their dashboard and further analyse the employees’ career paths and select the ones with the most relevant backgrounds. They can also involve managers in this process to optimise decision-making and make the best choice possible.

Talentsoft-HRAnalyticsBroaden the range of integrated HR tools via the Lab RH marketplace

A year after launching an exclusive partnership with Le Lab RH (an association of 420 start-ups that promotes and supports HR innovation), the initiative is paying off. Via the partnership, universal APIs for innovative recruiting applications have been developped in three specific categories (online tests, video interviews, and CV library). Among the accessible partner solutions, you will find MonkeyTie, Performanse, e-testing, Pipplet, Visiotalent, EasyRecrue, and even Yatedo.

Thanks to this open marketplace, Talentsoft is able to offer its clients complementary highly beneficial services that are fully integrated with their solution, helping facilitate HR innovation in all its forms.

Practical scenario: new positions are opened to replace employees leaving for the new organisation in China. Recruiters and managers will use Hello Talent to collaborate and create candidate pools for each open position. They identify interesting profiles. To facilitate and narrow down the selection, recruiters can check candidates’ personality traits and their English proficiency. They ask the candidates to record an interview video and take online tests with one of the pre-integrated tools found in the Lab RH marketplace—all this without technical help.