Overview of recruitment tests available in Talentsoft


Currently, the Talentsoft recruitment offer enables the integration of psychometric tests and online assessment processes with a recruitment process. Discover 6 recruitment test typologies recommended by Cut-e to enhance the quality of your recruitment decisions.

Tests d'aptitudes Aptitude tests

  • Measures a candidate’s performance at a t instant for a given aptitude
  • Tests particularly renowned for their predictive value in terms of professional success
  • Numerical and verbal aptitude, logic reasoning, spatial reasoning, multi-task management, creativity, concentration, reactivity, coordination, etc.
Personality test/questionnaire / Competency measurement

  • The candidate’s self-assessment on his/her behavioural preferences in a professional context
  • Possibility to evaluate competency potential
Questionnaire de personnalité
Questionnaires de motivations et d'intérêts Motivation and interests test/questionnaire

  • The candidate’s self-assessment on his/her motivations, interests, values
  • Possibility to evaluate adequacy in a specific company context and culture, team, etc.
Behavioural tendency tests

  • A candidate’s self-assessment on his/her behaviour in stressful or risky situations, compared to others
  • Possibility to anticipate potential counter-productive behaviours
Questionnaire des tendances comportementales
Simulations réalistes de poste Job simulation

  • Discovery of a company’s jobs and positions through situational simulation of the given job
  • Self-selection process by motivation, thanks to a realistic approach of the job
Situational judgement tests

  • A candidate’s self-assessment on his/her judgement and method for realistic situational decision-making within the framework of the job.
  • Possibility to evaluate a candidate’s judgement, a complex notion that implies various perspectives
Questionnaire de jugement situationnel