Talentsoft posts strong results for 2012 with orders up 60%


Having exceeded its forecast growth in the first half year, the leader in SaaS Integrated Talent Management solutions has reported record 60% growth in orders and 35% growth in license revenue for 2012. With a dynamic development strategy, the company doubled its international sales, pushing growth of twice the speed of the market in 2012.


Strong results & Spectacular growth

During the last six months, more than 40 global companies have chosen the Talentsoft solution to manage their human capital, including EADS Sogerma, ENSAM, M6 (Bertelsmann Group), Invivo, Midas, Perenco, Pernod Ricard, Tereos and Zodiac Aerospace. At the same time, clients such as Air France, Foncia, PagesJaunes Group and Segula Technologies have enhanced their talent management projects using Talentsoft’s training, compensation and recruiting modules. The software vendor has also proven it can manage large groups: 250,000 employees at La Poste Group and 50,000 at Crédit Mutuel.

Marlène Kuakuvi, HR Development and Training Manager for CFAO, the leader in distribution and services in Africa and the French Overseas Territories, confirms: “Talentsoft provides integrated talent management services for employees in 41 countries, overseas collectivities and territories. The data collected in Annual Performance Appraisals supports all our HR processes and feeds our reporting, dashboard and management tools. For the 1,000 appraisals that were conducted within the group in 2012, 90% were successfully completed, a record figure that was made possible by the seamless internal communications within our divisions, and particularly by our HR teams. We were able to complete our Annual Interviews in 3 months and the collection phase of our people reviews in just 2 and a half weeks.”

 Accelerated international development

Already the leading vendor of HR SaaS solutions, Talentsoft accelerates its international development. After consolidating its presence in the United Kingdom and Germany, it is reinforcing its European leadership status by opening new subsidiaries in Belgium and Sweden. With more than a third of Talentsoft’s users outside France and numerous teams working out in the field, Talentsoft has gained in-depth knowledge of local HR issues to better meet the needs of its customers around the world. It’s a strategy that has paid off, with Talentsoft receiving the “InnovationsPreis – IT HR Best of 2012” prize from the German government’s department of information technology.

Says Talentsoft CEO Jean-Stéphane Arcis, “We are proud of what we have achieved and poised to accelerate our growth. Our international sales doubled in 2012. Talentsoft has the right product and the right people to succeed in the international market. We are confident that our international teams will continue to excel during 2013. With locally based talent and the right financing to back up our local organizations, we are positioned to outperform our established goals in all markets.

 The unique power of being a cloud-based software vendor

From its earliest days, Talentsoft has enjoyed a distinct competitive advantage. As a cloud-based software vendor, we offer a solution that is natively designed for the Cloud.

Talentsoft’s two million users benefit from a solution that combines robustness, maximum security and linear management of load increases. Corporate clients can choose the exact location of their data thanks to data centres in France, Europe, North America and Asia.

Talentsoft is the only European vendor offering integrated talent management to customers on a pure SaaS platform. Its unique market position has not gone unnoticed. Talentsoft was voted the 2012 Best Cloud Service by EuroCloud and was singled out by IDC in June 2012 in its French Cloud Computing and SaaS market study. According to Cyril Meunier, co-author of the study, Talentsoft “has solid know-how in developing and marketing cloud services, enabling it to offer linear performance and genuine continuity of service whilst keeping production costs under control.

 Key figures for 2012:

  • More than 40 new clients in Europe over the last 6 months
  • Record 60% growth in orders
  • The company doubled its international sales
  • An extensive international presence: 2 new subsidiaries in Belgium and Sweden
  • 1st HR SaaS with a 17.7% market share in France, according to IDC’s 2012 study