Talentsoft announces merger with e-doceo to bolster its global leadership in talent management


Talentsoft merges with one of the global leaders in e-learning solutions, strengthening its global presence, and offers a fully integrated solution from recruiting to continuous employee development


Talentsoft, the European leader in Cloud HR, announced today that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement with e-doceo, ranked in the top five global leaders of e-learning solutions. Talentsoft will reinforce its global presence, keeping in line with the ambitions it announced following the investment round it closed with Goldman Sachs last October. The strategic combining of these two complimentary businesses which share the same values will pave the way for Talentsoft to offer its clients a complete employee experience, tying competency management to career development programmes and adapted learning courses.

Merger sparked by shared values and international development

The coming together of Talentsoft and e-doceo meet a strong market requirement: the integration of training into overall talent management. Talentsoft and e-doceo, both of which boast world-wide and European leaders in their respective sectors, share the same talent management approach – that of placing the employees at the heart of the HR process and providing them with the necessary tools for personal and professional growth.

The two companies have been official partners for over two years now and share a dozen joint customers in approximately ten countries. Their common clients include companies such as Armatis, Celio, FDJ, MACSF, Monoprix, Solocal Group and Spie.

Already developed for joint customers, the integration between the two solutions is immediately available. Employees and managers have access to e-doceo programmes, actions, and learning sessions from the My Talentsoft platform. The integration offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user experience.

Jérôme Bruet, CEO at e-doceo, stated, “e-doceo is continuously innovating and optimising the training process, thus enabling professional competency development. What is most important to employees today is the ability  to manage and continuously develop their competencies using various approaches (classrooms, e-learning, online classes, social learning) and mediums (PC or smartphone). Learning is no longer a top-down approach. Today, learners are co-constructors of their knowledge. We speed up this process using a disruptive application, SkillCatch, that allows companies to transmit knowledge to their employees by video, via short micro-learning sequences on their smartphones. Multi-award winner for product innovation, e-doceo enables companies to create their learning content by capturing the essence of their know-how and distributing it in a very simple way.”

Bruet went on to add, “Our teams have many things in common: we share the same vision on the development of HR, the same engagement with our clients, and a similar culture of innovation. This is an excellent opportunity for us to write a new chapter alongside Talentsoft, and offer our clients and employees a significant alternative solution and a unique European adventure..”

By integrating all of e-doceo’s talents and their renowned expertise, Talentsoft is sure to speed up its development and strengthen its global presence with more than 500 employees in 15 countries spanning four continents. The international Customer Success Management team has increased in size and will be able to provide 24/7 technical and functional support to Talentsoft’s network of 1,500 clients and over 8 million users.

IDC considers learning to be an integral component of human capital management solutions. Learning is high on the agenda in Europe, as organizations adapt to digital business models and redeploy thousands of employees into new roles with new requirements. We see a particular need for a new breed of learning solutions, where learners can co-create and publish content, as is the case in e-doceo’s SkillCatch product. Bringing TalentSoft’s platform and e-doceo’s LMS application together in an integrated user experience will help users,” said Bo Lykkegaard, Associate Vice President at IDC.

An integrated solution for continuous and personalised employee development

With e-doceo’s integration, Talentsoft can offer a brand new learning module: a revamped user experience, complete and fully integrated to benefit employees, managers, and HR:

  • The module focuses on the development of employee competencies: its integration into Talentsoft will offer employees personalised and continuously tailored learning programmes to ensure professional success, improve career development, and facilitate internal mobility.
  • Employees and managers thus have access to their e-learning content and can track their learning programmes from the My Talentsoft In a few weeks, a “Training Push” feature will be delivered to help make the connection between competency gaps and the training catalogue,  directly offering employees and their managers the best-suited learning programmes.
  • In parallel, learning managers will have access to a consolidated learning catalogue, programme creation tools, and centralised and simplified costs management, irrespective of the type of learning action that is being managed (in-person learning, e-learning, online classes, or social learning).

“Talentsoft’s open API architecture allows us to leverage innovative partnerships for a smooth user experience: such as Le Lab RH’s ingenious learning solutions and the integration with the LMS provided by CrossKnowledge, with whom Talentsoft shares many joint customers,” asserted Jean-Stephane Arcis, CEO of Talentsoft. “Talentsoft aims to provide a solution that is perfectly in line with the new talent management challenges faced by companies. It uniquely ties employee information and competencies to potential job opportunities and tailored learning programmes—all this across four continents and in over 25 languages.”

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