Hello Talent Wins iTalent Competition in HR Software Innovation


Talentsoft is pleased to announce that its innovative sourcing and recruiting tool, Hello Talent, was the winner of the annual iTalent Competition hosted at the HRO Today Forum last week in Amsterdam. Over 120 organizations submitted themselves for entry this year and five finalists, including Hello Talent, were each tasked with giving a seven-minute presentation on their products. After tallying votes by a panel of judges and the audience, Hello Talent was announced as the winner. This is a huge honor and is a direct result of the feedback and input many of our customers have given us since the launch of Hello Talent. The entire team here would like to thank you, our users, for facilitating the tool’s success.

In pitching Hello Talent at iTalent our message was simple: Modern recruitment needs to be proactive and collaborative – with Hello Talent people can easily work together in talent pools to store, aggregate, and share both passive and active candidate profiles so they can hire the right people for the right jobs. This was a message that resonated with our audience at the iTalent Competition and has also resulted in Hello Talent having over 2,300 users who have added more than 26,000 profiles to their talent pools since launching in 2014. Proactive, collaborative recruitment is the future and with Hello Talent our users are making that future a modern reality.

For those who are not familiar with Hello Talent and/or proactive recruitment we encourage you to consider this: the most talented individuals in the labor market are, generally speaking, not actively searching for new jobs. Instead, they are passive candidates who are satisfied with their current jobs and are not applying for other ones. To entice these types of candidates to join your organization you cannot wait for them to apply, you need to find and approach them.

Unfortunately, most applicant tracking systems (ATS) don’t accommodate this proactive approach very well. Instead they focus on what is sometimes referred to as the “post and pray” style of recruitment. You post a job, hope good people apply, and hire whoever you think is best. This works for some jobs, but doesn’t provide any help when you need to go after talent rather than wait for it to come to you. That is why we built Hello Talent. With Hello Talent you can create talent pools and store profiles of candidates you have found anywhere online, thereby giving you an easy way to organize candidates you are going after and recruiting. Furthermore, Hello Talent can integrate with your ATS. This integration allows you to work in Hello Talent during your initial recruitment of passive candidates, and then send profiles to your ATS when its time to integrate them into your traditional recruitment workflow.

In addition to making proactive recruitment possible, Hello Talent also facilitates collaboration by making every talent pool shareable. Users can share talent pools where needed and harness things like in-app notifications, assignable profiles, and mentions (tagging and notifying a specific team member in a comment) to make recruitment a team sport. Team members, including hiring managers, can easily work together in Hello Talent to find and hire top candidates.

This proactive, collaborative approach is (along with valuable user feedback) what helped Hello Talent to win the iTalent Competition and is what will hopefully help you to hire better and hire together. To begin innovating in your own recruitment efforts create your free Hello Talent account today at http://www.hellotalent.com/ or request a demo at contact@hellotalent.com.

Interested in a video of Hello Talent’s iTalent Competition presentation? Watch it here :.


About the iTalent Competition:

The iTalent Competition is built to recognize innovation in HR, recruiting, and talent management software from European vendors. Each year participants are able to submit their products, with the top ten entries being broadly promoted, and the top five competing in iTalent giving seven-minutes pitches of their products to panel of experts and an audience of HR professionals. The pitches are then rated and voted on, with the winner receiving a feature article in HRO Today, face time with the judges, and one-on-one meetings with HR executives.



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