Hello Talent and MyTalentsoft in The Netherlands


Thursday 21 May 2015

“Crowd-driven talent management is the future.” This was the vision that Alexandre Pachulski, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Talentsoft shared with Dutch customers at a special breakfast in the picturesque Montfoort Castle in The Netherlands. Talentsoft has been mobilizing all its resources to make this vision happen and with over 130 software developers dedicated to the Talentsoft platform talent management is being realized in increasingly greater degrees.


In discussing crowd-driven talent management Alexandre focused primarily on two new developments: the new My Talentsoft and the new sourcing tool Hello Talent.

My Talentsoft is the result of over two years of hard work examining how to create a user interface so simple, customizable, and intuitive that every employee in an organization can be empowered to be a part of talent management efforts. The work has paid off and later this year My Talentsoft will launch and allow customers to make talent management a core part of their company cultures and business practices. Employees will have an easy time getting and receiving feedback, submitting and reviewing mobility requests, and tracking goals and performance, along with many more features.

The other tool Alexandre discussed, Hello Talent, has been created as part of an effort to help organizations move away from the “post and pray” era of recruiting and instead focus on proactive, collaborative sourcing. In the past employers could simply post a vacancy to their website and rely on getting at least a few good applicants. However, as the modern labor market has evolved the need to proactively source talent for certain roles has grown increasingly important.

With Hello Talent users can search for candidates across a wide variety of social media and websites, aggregate these different social media profiles in one place, and then share talent pools with others to foster a collaborative experience. The tool is fully integrated with the Talentsoft recruiting platform and owing to its simplicity can easily be used by anyone in the organization (or even outside it if needs be). Working with hiring managers who don’t normally recruit or asking employees for referrals is a breeze. With Hello Talent recruiting shifts from being a passive approach to a proactive, collaborative crowd-driven effort.

Oscar Mager, founder of Recruiting Essentials, was there to discuss his experiences with Hello Talent and said, “ATS’s are from the ‘post and pray’ era, they cannot source. Hello Talent makes proactive sourcing easy.” He also went on to share how much he has enjoyed collaborating with the Hello Talent team saying, “they listen really well to the feedback you give. The tool is constantly evolving and its great to see how features and changes you recommend end up in the tool.”

All of us at Talentsoft would like to thank those who attended. Should you be interested in learning more about My Talentsoft, Hello Talent, or the other innovations Talentsoft has to offer please contact your account manager or send an email to contact@hellotalent.com