Club Talentsoft: key announcements at a glance


Club Talentsoft 2018: Talentsoft reveals Talentsoft Award winners and announces strategic partners

For the first international edition of its annual conference, which took place in Amsterdam, Talentsoft convened 600 participants from 30 different countries for a two-day discussion about employee experience.

On 12-13 June, 600 participants from 30 different countries joined 50 speakers and HR experts at Talentsoft’s annual conference. The event gathered HR, training, HRIS and enterprise application software specialists, HR strategy consultants, and startuppers to learn, get inspired, and share experience and knowledge.
This year, the conference focused on employee experience and was punctuated with inspiring keynotes, presentations on Talentsoft’s latest product innovations, and announcements of new partnerships. A large number of European businesses and organisations, including Microsoft, Toyota Material Handling Europe, and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, also shared their vision of employee experience over an HRD panel session.

Reinventing employee experience

During the conference, experience in the workplace underwent a 360° analysis, from candidate, to employee, to learner experience – topics that were also considered from an artificial intelligence and design thinking perspective.
‘Create an environment conducive to growth, collaboration, and trust’ – such was the key message put forward by Alexandre Thomas, Business Design Director at Fjord (Accenture), to improve employee experience and engagement. “Who we are is just as important as what we do. Our main role is to support employees so they feel involved in the organisation,” he explained. Companies must prepare the future with their employees, and in doing so, take into account their personal aspirations. For this, HR functions must go through a crucial transformation. HRs must no longer be positioned as human resource managers but rather as employee experience designers.
Inma Martinez, Data Scientist & Deep Science Venture partner, and Alexandre Pachulski, Talentsoft Chief Product Officer, both addressed the subject of artificial intelligence from an opportunistic point of view for employees. If approached from the right angle, AI can provide us all with the help we need. According to Inma Martinez, “machines will work with us, because we, humans, are good at certain things just as they are at others.” Equally optimistic, Alexandre Pachulski added: “AI will help us create opportunities to be more creative than ever in our jobs.”

Product innovations and new partnerships

Talentsoft presented an exclusive preview of its most recent product innovations and its roadmap for the coming months. The software provider revealed a series of new features aimed at increasing employee autonomy and engagement through tools that will help them find the perfect balance between their skills, their personal aspirations, and company needs.
Innovations include an employee mobile app for encouraging continuous conversation, and the white-label integration of Hunterz, a mobile solution for gamifying referrals.
Club Talentsoft 2018 also announced a strategic partnership with RAET, one of the leading payroll providers with over 10,000 customers in the Netherlands. The integration of the two solutions will offer international businesses a unified employee experience, from core HR and payroll, to recruiting, skills management, and learning. The partnership is the result of a common desire to meet market expectations for integrated solutions that comply with domestic and European legislation.

Talentsoft Awards & Startup Accelerator Program

The 2018 Talentsoft Awards, sponsored by Microsoft, rewarded three organisations that demonstrated great ambition in accomplishing their HR challenges and achieving competitive results. The jury, composed of 2017 winners (Geodis, Linkbyt, Monoprix, Proximus, and SNCF), members of the Talentsoft ecosystem (Microsoft and Broadbean), and Talentsoft’s three co-founders, rewarded three organisations.

The Project Leader award, for the HR team with the deepest process transformation and biggest influence on their business’s digital transformation, went to Carglass Spain, the leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company, for their learning transformation project.
The main purpose of this project was to offer Carglass Spain’s 1,250 employees – spread over 220 centres – a wider training offer thanks to new technologies. Carglass @cademy allows the whole workforce to access all available learning content at the same time.
“In the space of 5 years, we quadrupled the number of learning programmes available on our LMS! Talentsoft’s multi-modal learning approach also allows us to reach more learners. For example, over 80% of our Spanish employees pursued an online training course,” said Eva Figueras, Training & Development Manager, and Cristina Miranda Gutierrez, Training & Development Technician at Carglass Spain.

Bunker Holding Group, world leader in the purchase, sale and supply of fuel for maritime transport, with 630 employees in 28 countries, received the Community – Most Valuable Player award. This prize recognises HR teams’ trust and engagement in Talentsoft’s customer community. Bunker Holding acts as a real partner by contributing on a daily basis to developing the Talentsoft platform to better serve everyone’s HR interests.
“Our greatest asset is being part of this international HR community that makes us stronger by providing us with a space to share ideas, innovations, designs, and best practices. We share the same values as Talentsoft, and this award really motivates us to jointly invest our efforts to develop and improve HR tools and processes,” explained Alexander A. Jaffe, Group Director, HR & Communications, Bunker Holding.

logo Groupe SOS

GROUPE SOS, European leader in the social economy sector, won the Game Changer award in recognition of their intrapreneurship programme. Deployed in October 2017 for the group’s 17,000 employees, the programme aims to encourage innovation, reveal talent, and drive internal transformation. Several initiatives rapidly emerged and received support from GROUPE SOS. Such enterprises included an ethical community restaurant, an environmentally friendly clothes brand, and a support service for hospital patients with low income.
“The Intrapreneurship programme proved successful amongst our employees. In addition to all the background work we carried out with our managing teams, we used the Talentsoft platform to communicate on the programme to enable employees to present their project and share GROUPE SOS’s entrepreneurial culture,” explained Jérôme Bouron, HRD and Marine Riotte, Talent and Careers Manager, GROUPE SOS.

The Talentsoft Awards ceremony also announced the winners of Talentsoft’s Startup Accelerator Program. The programme was launched beginning of 2018 by Talentsoft, with help from the Lab RH (collective laboratory of HR innovation actors). It aims at supporting French HR startup companies in their international expansion. Out of the several hundred startups that make up the Lab RH, four received an award: AssessFirst (predictive recruiting), EveryCheck (CV and reference verification), Visiotalent (video interviews) and ZestMeUp (engagement measuring). Over six months, these blooming organisations received support from Talentsoft in sales marketing and strategy, and had the chance to part of the Partner Village at Club Talentsoft 2018.


“This first international Club Talentsoft only further proved that we share a unique partnership with you, the kind that allows everyone to actively contribute to improving our products and launching new ones. The employee experience and continuous conversation we encourage within organisations is something we also advocate for in our relationship with customers. Our newly-launched customer community is aimed at just that: members can contribute to the community by starting conversations, putting forward ideas, and voting for new features,” explained Jean-Stéphane Arcis, Talentsoft CEO and co-founder.