TalentSoft recognised by analysts for its talent!


TalentSoft, the European Talent Management SaaS solution, has been, once again, unanimously recognised as a leader by market analysts.


France’s leading HR software vendor

Back in June TalentSoft was acknowledged by IDC, the world’s leading information technology market consultancy and research firm, in its study of the French market examining Cloud Computing and SaaS.

TalentSoft has reached the top spot in HR management software with a 17.7% market share, far ahead of its main competitors.

A particularly strong differentiating factor has been the optimisation of the TalentSoft solution for the Cloud. To quote Cyril Meunier, the study’s co-author, “The interviews conducted by IDC highlighted in particular a strong level of expertise in bringing Cloud-based services to market, generating linear performance and real continuity of service, while at the same time controlling the model’s cost prices“.

TalentSoft’s achievements, less than 6 years after the company’s foundation, demonstrate its success as a “pure player” in the SaaS sector.

An impressive rise and a powerful solution recognised by professionals

The last few months have also been marked by a series of honours awarded by key analysts.

Recognised as Best Cloud Offering 2012

In April, TalentSoft was awarded the Best Cloud Offering Trophy by EuroCloud. Selected from among 115 applications, TalentSoft was rewarded for its solution’s integrated features: career and mobility management, training and assessment interviews management, and also compensation.

Named in 3 categories in Gartner’s recent study on Human Capital Management

Gartner’s recent study, “Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software”, published on 1st August 2012, named TalentSoft as a key player in three areas: Succession Management, Talent Management Suites and Performance Assessment.

Won the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT HR 2012 in Germany

In March, TalentSoft received the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT HR 2012 by the Federal Government of Information Technology and IBM.  A jury of 100 experts chose TalentSoft among 2.500 applications for its innovative software. This prize is one of the most honorable IT-awards in the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Ranked in the 100 Global Software Leaders

TalentSoft’s rapid growth has enabled it to be identified as one of France’s leading software vendors. Back in June, TalentSoft appeared in the Global Software Leaders rankings, created by PAC, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and AFDEL, going straight in at No.1 in the HR Management rankings.

We are proud to have received these honours, which have rated us so highly. The recognition and confidence which market analysts have shown us are a demonstration of the quality of our solution. The satisfaction of 2 million users worldwide is the TalentSoft team’s central focus and the motor which drives our growth,” said Jean-Stéphane Arcis, CEO of TalentSoft.