SNCF Deploys Talentsoft for Career Management


SNCF Deploys Talentsoft for Career Management placing competency development at the heart of their strategic project

Three years ago, SNCF, a global leader in passenger and freight transport, launched its ambitious project called “Excellence 2020”. The objective: Become the world’s leader for excellence in transport services across the industry’s three major sectors – railway networks, passenger transport, and the rail freight transport and logistics.

The company has centred the project around human value, as it strongly believes that the quality of customer service highly depends on its employees’ happiness at the workplace. One of the main challenges is to foresee and develop the competencies needed to provide high quality services: autonomy and responsiveness for its customer services, contract management, team leadership, the use of new technologies, etc.

To do so, SNCF has redesigned its HR practices and upgraded its tools in order to allow HR and managers to better mentor and guide employees along their career paths.

The right competencies & skills at the right place at the right rime

Every four to five years, SNCF offers employees the possibility to change positions, professions or departments, thus enabling employees to build their careers by developing varied competencies. This is a tremendous opportunity for employees, yet a considerable challenge for HR. It must offer career paths tailored to the individual skills and profiles of employees, all while keeping the strategic objectives of the company in mind.

The clear understanding of individual competencies is SNCF’s key to success in the coming years. In order to succeed, human resources must live up to the challenge of collecting and exploiting such information, in collaboration with managers. SNCF decided to trust Talentsoft in order to standardize these processes and facilitate information sharing between employees, managers and HR.

“We are looking to implement a more precise and individualised management system in order for everyone to find their place in the company and reach their full potential. We have focused our efforts into the completion of this project, as its success will not only benefit our employees but our clients as well. Thanks to this ambitious initiative, we are replacing our career management tools and job board, and are now able to offer our employees comprehensive solutions regarding their skills and competencies. After a successful pilot programme with our subsidiary, SNCF Voyages, we have deployed Talentsoft throughout our entire organisation in order to improve our career management,” explains Delphine Comolet, Project Director for the SNCF Mobility HRD.

A long term project with profound effects on HR processes

The project, carried out with Talentsoft, currently includes 150,000 employees and aims to guide them all throughout their career paths and manage internal mobility.

Since late 2013, SNCF has deployed Talentsoft modules:

  • The annual appraisal tool is used by 50,000 managers and supervisors. The process is completely digital and designed to involve everyone in the career management process. Employees are urged to play an active role in their professional growth, and in return, managers guide them in the development of their personal career plan. In 2015, 95% of annual appraisals were conducted using Talentsoft — a 2% increase from 2014.
  • A “Career Management” module is available for HR managers, where they have access to the career history of each individual employee, allowing them to develop and offer appropriate career paths.
  • The “Managerial Review” module allows managers to get to know and better understand employees. These reviews also help managers plan for internal mobility and define succession plans or establish a recruiting talent pool for operational managers, for example.
  • The online Job Board consolidates more than 4,000 vacancies. This tool is at the heart of of the internal mobility program for SNCF and its 150,000 Talentsoft users. The goal is to make the company’s vacancies more accessible and available.

Employees play an active role in the evolution of their career, managers contribute to the development and validation of competencies of their teams and HR managers know the workforce better and can set aside time to advise employees individually.

By choosing Talentsoft, the leading Cloud-based talent management software in Europe, SNCF is relying on a proven partner to accompany them in development of competencies and career management for their employees.

“We are excited to be working with SNCF on this ambitious initiative, which places human capital and talent management at the heart of their strategy,” states Jean-Stéphane Arcis, Talentsoft’s CEO. “We are convinced that the key to success consists in unveiling and organising the potential of the organization’s employees; deploying Talentsoft will allow HR involved in this process to move forward in this direction.”

This project is a key part of SNCF’s transformation and digitalisation objectives with actions planned for 2015 centering around the group and its 260,000 employees (for instance, a company job board will be set up by the end of the year), particularly given the fact that certain subsidiaries are now also using Talentsoft, notably Geodis and

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