[INFOGRAPHICS] A Unicorn in the making


Talentsoft’s 10-year success story in one infographic 

In 2007, Jean-Stéphane Arcis, Alexandre Pachulski, and Joël Bentolila brought their complementary expertise together to help European companies develop their talents. What started out as a dream quickly became a reality. The French entrepreneurs developed an employee-centric digital platform (SaaS) used to administer all talent management processes. In just 10 years, the founders were able to expand their team to include 600 employees and become the European leader in Cloud-based talent management and learning applications.

Take a look at the key metrics of that success: number of customers, published vacancies, training hours, daily life of Talentsoftees, and more! Talentsoft walks you through their 10-year success story with this brand new infographic.

Talentsoft’s success story is living proof that when innovative technology (SaaS), a unique philosophy (an employee-centric platform), and strong company values join forces, anything is possible… even competing with major American software publishers. Our dream remains the same even after 10 years in the industry. Today, we provide continuous support on a daily-basis to 1,500 companies in their HR digital transformation,” said Jean-Stéphane Arcis, CEO and co-founder of Talentsoft.

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