Shoeby: Happy people and great teams


shoeby-in-briefShoeby’s corporate culture is defined by its slogan, “All eyes on you.” The 1,250 “personal shoppers” in their retail stores are focused on offering the best possible service and experience to over 700,000 regular customers.

At the same time, Shoeby’s HR team is focused on creating the best possible experience for their employees. “Shoeby is very good at keeping culture alive. We like people to develop themselves and we give them all the room they need to do this.” explains HR Manager, Gerben voor de Poorte. To accomplish this, he and his team have developed a Happy People program that includes (among other things) providing gym facilities, throwing parties in their stores, and holding innovation sessions that allow all employees to participate in improving the organization.


A dynamic organization for talent development

shoeby-toolsTwo years ago, Shoeby realized that their hierarchical structure was inhibiting communication within the organization and limiting the sharing of new ideas. In order to address these issues, they decided to reorganize into a flatter, more dynamic structure. Key changes included creating cross-functional teams to allow communication and movement between departments, and they shifted the focus of HRD from administration to talent management.

After seeing a presentation at the annual Talentsoft user conference de Poorte and his team decided to use Talentsoft’s HR solutions to support Shoeby’s new approach to its employees. They have adopted tools like Hello Talent, a sourcing tool that made it easy for Shoeby to leverage its own networks as well as involve all employees in the hiring process. They’ve also started using Talentsoft Learning to make employee development central to the organization as they “train and retain” employees. Finally, they’ve begun taking advantage of Talentsofts integrated HR analytics tools. “These (tools) are at the core of HR,” says voor de Poorte.


Better talent management through integrated data analysis

shoeby-gerben-voor-de-poorteShoeby has always collected data on both its customers and their employees to help them progress towards goals. For instance, Shoeby measures employee satisfaction every month and holds innovation sessions to brainstorm improvements to the organization. However, in order for the HR team to get the most out of their data they needed an analytical system, as well as trained HR professionals, to use this information when helping their employees develop their careers. The first step involved appointing a Talent Manager to create a bridge between the Talent Management, Human Capital and Human Performance teams within HR. Then they introduced Talentsoft to manage data from competency tests and performance reviews. “Digitalization gives us the chance to focus on real HR-stuff, on people. The new integrated system works on every HR process ,” says voor de Poorte, “ [We] focus on talent management by integrating Talentsoft for training, performance review and personal competency dossiers.”

Targeted recruitment with Talentsoft

Digitalization has also helped Shoeby with recruitment and succession planning. Until recently, according to voor de Poorte, identifying candidates for store management positions was difficult and often based on little more than anecdotes. With Talentsoft, Shoeby has been able to define and catalogue job profiles and compare them to the profiles of existing and prospective employees. Now they can more easily see whose competencies match those required of each position.

At the same time, employees can use Talentsoft to pursue their own career goals. By looking at the profiles of jobs they would like to occupy in the future, they can identify what training needs they have in order to get there. “They can see which competencies they still need to develop,” says voor de Poorte, “and we can help them with that transition in our fashion academy. ”

Go further with Talentsoft

Shoeby is committed to providing their employees with continuous opportunities for personal growth. For instance, each employee is encouraged to spend about 5 to 10 percent of their work time in another team or project. This initiative, as well as others championed by the HR team, is geared towards promoting communication and innovation throughout the company. With Talentsoft, Shoeby has found a tool to match people to projects so employees can stretch and test their competencies in different arenas. “The focus is on thinking outside the box. We think it’s important that people at Shoeby can trust that they can change, and do almost anything they want. We really enjoy seeing them do that.”