Inspari: Data-driven HR


As leading specialists within data analytics and Business Intelligence, data is everything to Inspari. In partnership with Talentsoft, Inspari are in the process of implementing an HR software solution that can make them walk the talk also internally, and transform data into knowledge.


For a company who specialises in intelligent use of data, the ability to extract data and statistics from the systems were naturally two of the most important functions for Inspari’s new HR solution. Development of new skills, as well as efficient recruitment and onboarding of new employees were also high on the wish list.

The partnership with Talentsoft has resulted in a tailor-made HR solution, which brings together all Inspari’s HR-related work areas. The solution is based on Inspari’s desire for clarity, structure and an intuitive user interface that can ease users’ workload without risking redundancy or wasted time.

Work on the new HR solution began in January 2017, with a focus on continuous implementation of the various chosen modules. Inspari has from the beginning had a dedicated project manager and a consultant assigned to the project, who are responsible for planning, deadlines and implementation:

“It was important for us to have a permanent person on the project who knows our needs and keeps us on our toes”, explains Thomas Sylvest, HR Business Partner at Inspari.

Although at an early stage, the project has to this day proven fast user adoption and time savings in many areas – from recruitment to HR tasks of the more administrative art. The hope is that the solution can be fully adopted within the near future, with all modules in operation, and help Inspari make data-driven decisions on an increasingly sound and empirical basis.

“We feel that our new HR solution is a ‘state-of-the-art’, and that this investment has helped future-proof our HR department. Our whole HR team are looking forward to using all the functions and integrating it as a regular part of our everyday work”, concludes Thomas Sylvest.

Inspari a/s in brief

  • Founded in Denmark in 2008
  • International business intelligence consultancy
  • 110+ BI consultants
  • Locations in Denmark, Norway & Romania
  • 400+ customers

Implemented Modules

  • Core HR – HUB
  • Recruiting
  • Performance & Competencies
  • Talent Review



“We feel that our new HR solution is a ‘state-of-the-art’”

Thomas Sylvest, HR Business Partner, Inspari