How Limagrain attracts and develops its talents with Talentsoft


Limagrain is an international cooperative group, founded and directed by farmers. With 10,000 employees spread across nearly 55 countries, Limagrain has developed a strong international presence and is now facing RH challenges to attract qualified candidates, develop its employee retention strategy, standardize its HR processes and facilitate job rotation.

Watch Limagrain’s HR VP, Catherine Pennec, talk about how this international group meets these ambitious challenges.

Limagrain mainly focuses on crop improvement and the production and sale of field and vegetable seeds. The company also trades cereal products, including cereal ingredients and bakery products.

With a group turnover of about two billion euros, Limagrain owns well-known brands such as Jacquet (bakery products), Brossard (pastry products), and Vilmorin and Clause (vegetable seeds).

The company has chosen Talentsoft’s talent management solution to overcome the many obstacles related to human resources management:

  1. As Catherine Pennec mentions in her interview, the agricultural sector is not the most appealing sector. Limagrain thus needs to attract future employees.
  1. As a result of external expansion and acquisition, Limagrain now works with various companies, each with their own cultures. That being so, the company aims to unify its HR policies and create a feeling of belonging.
  1. Limagrain wants to simplify and harmonize its recruiting processes. With more than 800 new hires per year, the company wishes to display job offers in one single system with access to multiple jobs boards.
  1. Lastly, Limagrain aims to optimize internal mobility. Seeing as the group is highly decentralized, the company offers its talents the opportunity to easily move from role to role, or to the same position in another department or group.

The Talentsoft solution improves the daily lives of both managers and employees. Employees have access to a unique platform containing all their information regarding their career, performance, and past history. Managers can find real-time information on their team, such as performance and past history for each team member. The application provides employees with a coherent and customized career management process, boosting their feeling of belonging to a unified group.

Talentsoft’s implementation has allowed Limagrain to reflect on its HR processes management in terms of recruitment: the company can now consolidate all business units’ requirements into one single application. Talentsoft has enabled Limagrain build its own unique environment, a real advantage in terms of employer brand, which can be clearly identified by future candidates.

“Last year, we were able to publish more than 200 vacancies. In the past, we’ve had over 800 new hires per year, all of which has been greatly facilitated by the tool,” affirms Pennec.

As explained by the group’s HR VP, Talentsoft is even more suitable for Limagrain as it is adapted to the company’s international scope. Its human resources department especially appreciates the fact that data from different countries can be consolidated all while adapting to local specificities.

“We consider Talentsoft a very good partner. Talentsoft has been listening to our requirements for more than 5 years now and understands our specificities. Being a cooperative group with quite a complex organization, we appreciate the customer community that Talentsoft has created, which allows us to meet with other customers and share our ideas in an effort to co-build and improve the solutions alongside Talentsoft,” testifies Pennec.