Employer brand at the heart of Arkadin’s 360° digital recruiting


In an increasingly competitive international context, recruiting top talent is crucial in staying one step ahead of the competition. So how do you attract the cream of the crop? The answer lies in how strong your employer brand is. And Arkadin has this down pat. As a result of more than 400 hires every year, including both new and renewed positions, the collaboration service provider turned to Talentsoft to digitise its HR processes and support its significant international growth. The expected result: strengthen its employer brand by providing a singular experience across all tools and media.

Arkadin-in-shortIn 2013, LinkedIn carried out a study with 3,000 recruiters worldwide to identify the latest recruiting trends. The study found that 71% of French companies place great importance on the employer brand – that’s 2% more than the global average. The challenge is clear: a strong employer brand reduces turnover by 28% and recruiting costs by nearly 50%. But regardless of whether you have a strong or weak employer brand, recruiting costs money. On average, companies with a weak employer brand spend 5% more than those with a solid one. A weak brand spends roughly €3,500 more per year and per employee to attract top talents.

This is an essential issue for the fastest growing cloud-based collaboration solutions (audio, web, video conferences) and unified communications service provider in the world. Arkadin is taking the plunge and setting up an ambitious HR and 360° communication strategy to retain employees, help them with their professional development, and find new talents using social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, new career website (careers.arkadin.com), blog (life@arkadin), and an Employer Book. Their slogan reflects their position: Boost your career! Join a company with people who are #ContagiouslyEnthusiastic.

Tell a coherent story

So, how do companies attract top talents and create engagement? By telling a story, of course! A story that is consistent across all digital media, websites, social networks, and recruiting platforms. The goal is to share the main reasons for why candidates should join Arkadin. The brand promotes four distinct arguments:
1. #ContagiouslyDynamic: join and build your career in a fast growing company.
2. #ContagiouslyGlobal: work in and experience a multicultural and international environment.
3. #ContagiouslyEmpowered: be proactive and let your talents shine through.
4. #ContagiouslyInspired: share our strong Arkadin values

This is how the employer brand is incorporated into the heart of the company’s digital HR strategy.
According to Sophie Huss, Global Director of Talent Sourcing & Training at Arkadin, “An in-house study reveals that 87% of our employees would recommend working at Arkadin to their closest friends. This is why we’ve chosen to capitalise on this asset and our employer brand to deploy our future recruiting campaigns and offer an optimised digital experience for both candidates and employees.” In this sense, Talentsoft guides Arkadin’s HR teams to simplify and automate its recruiting processes and improve application tracking. The final objective? Reduce recruiting time and costs and, in turn, improve the quality of Arkadin’s relationship with candidates.


Discuss with potential candidates

How does Arkadin interact with potential candidates and encourage them to apply on their career website? With the help of an effective and diverse communication programme. First, they count on social networks, which are the preferred means of communication for generation Y and Z talents. Sophie Huss said, “We regularly publish employee testimonials to highlight the human touch in our company; we also talk about in-house events in order to focus on the vigour of the group and our HR support system (training, management, career development).” Second, they attract candidates to their blog, which displays the company’s culture and corporate life. This is a good way to get candidates to discover the group’s values and guide them to the third step, the new career website – careers.arkadin.com, online since 30 March 2016.

Facilitate talent management

The website will be gradually deployed in six languages. Sophie Huss affirmed, “Job vacancies are now automatically published on our career website using the Talentsoft solution. Better yet, they can also be published on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and the most effective job boards in the country with a single click.”

Another asset of the Talentsoft solution is the filter option, which displays the most relevant vacancies according to country or function. Eventually, candidates will be able to apply with a single click as their personal information is automatically pushed via different social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Viadeo, and their qualifications and experience through their uploaded CV. Huss concluded that this is “an important feature which increases the number of applications and talent pools that HR find in their recruiting platform”.

Sophie-Huss “Talentsoft helped us optimise our 360° digital strategy thanks to its quick and automated recruiting processes and the option of publishing vacancies on various platforms. This saves time, makes us consistent and efficient, and strengthens our brand appeal.”Sophie Huss, Global Director of Talent Sourcing & Training

Making way for referrals

Arkadin’s next objective is to promote employee referrals with the My Talentsoft digital platform. Employees can submit their contacts’ CVs directly from their Talentsoft account and follow up on their referrals. Referred candidates receive an email and can view through job opportunities that interest them. Sophie Huss declared, “All referral procedures are automated, simplified, and centralised in the Talentsoft solution. HR teams can then follow up on the referred candidate’s status.” This transparent and easy-to-use feature encourages referrals.

Huss went on to add that, “The candidate’s experience and communication with all contact points are indispensable for us. They are the two pillars of our HR strategy. We’re also setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) with a series of dashboards that will help HR teams better manage their organisation and recruitment plans.” The various digital actions carried out can be traced through these KPIs. These actions include: the number of applications per vacancy, the average time for recruiting a candidate by profession, the efficiency of different platforms where we publish our job vacancies and the corresponding ROI, etc. We are looking to measure the efficiency of our recruiting process, HR performances, and employer brand.