Bunker Holding choose Talentsoft to tackle HR challenges


Representing 750 employees in 61 companies and in 27 countries, Danish company Bunker Holding were in need of an HR transformation. More time needed to be allocated for employees’ needs, and less spent on manual, administrative tasks. By implementing Talentsoft’s full module suite, Bunker Holding is on the journey of revamping its level of HR – from traditional HR practices to strategic HR.

key-figures-bunkerDanish company Bunker Holding specializes in purchase, sale and supply of fuels and lube oil to ships, as well as risk management and associated service. Founded back in 1876 with headquarters in Fredericia, Bunker Holding operates as the parent company of 61 companies in 27 countries and counting, representing 750 employees and 23 different brands.

Over the last two years, Bunker Holding has doubled its size and gone from 300 to 750 employees and presents a yearly turnover of 11 billion $US. This rapid growth prompted the HR team to improve current practices and processes, which needed to be adjusted according to the company’s growth. Mirjam Petersen, HR manager, explains Bunker Holding’s challenges: “All HR processes were handle manually, which was very time consuming. We wanted to lift the level from traditional HR to strategic HR. Our challenge was that we were not enough people, and we did not have any system to support this vision.”

An efficient and life-changing system for employees and HR team

Bunker Holding’s corporate strategy is much focused around their employees and their performances, therefore they chose to implement all modules offered by Talentsoft, and go with the full suite solution. As a global group, Bunker Holding started with a pilot project in one of its largest brands – which turned out to be a huge success with a 99% successful feedback rate. As Bunker Holding consists of so many brands and companies, the implementation phase is currently taking place, customizing the solution to each brand.

“We can now easily measure statistics, do reports and get data cross-brands, which has facilitated our planning immensely. Instead of being reactive, we can now be proactive. It was also very important for us to get rid of the manual processes and all the Excel sheets, so that the HR department can turn their focus to other important issues. Instead of burying ourselves in administrative work, we can support our employees and provide them with the best service possible”, says Mirjam Petersen.

How work processes have improved:

  • From traditional HR to strategic HR
  • From manual actions to automatic processes
  • From scattered information’s to collectable and organized data (statistics and reports)
  • From no help to personalized constant support

Benefits of this partnership:

  • More time to focus on employees’ needs
  • Adapted tools
  • More added value to HR
  • Reactivity and proactivity
  • 24/7 support