Arkadin: when HR steps up international development


How to develop new HR tools that go hand in hand with extensive international growth?

This has been the central issue for the Human Resources Department at Arkadin, a cloud-based collaboration and unified communications service provider (audio, web, video conferences).
For Sophie Huss, Global Director of Talent Sourcing & Training, the challenge was real: digitalise HR processes in the 33 countries where Arkadin is present, and those in which it plans to expand.

Audrey Delepierre “Thanks to My Talentsoft, which provides employees with a customised dashboard, Arkadin teams have a better understanding of how to fulfil actions and how the company works.
One of our biggest priorities was to optimise user experience. The software solutions implemented by Talentsoft have brought increased speed and efficiency to a streamlined interface.»
Sophie Huss, Global Director of Talent Sourcing & Training


Arkadin’s growth is a true success story: “We hope to reach a turnover of 400 million euros by 2019, which would signify a double-digit growth. We will do this through organic growth, acquisitions, and by opening new offices around the world. Consequently, we are leading a major digital transformation to enhance client, candidate, and employee experience. This falls in line with our ambitious development plans.” states Sophie Huss. The cloudbased collaboration service provider decided to gradually automate its HR processes four years ago. The goal being to minimise tedious administrative tasks, thus improving efficiency and giving HR teams worldwide more time for recruitment tasks and talent development. This is why Arkadin turned to Talentsoft: to improve its employees’ day-today activities and simplify its recruitment and performance appraisal processes.

70% of HR processes digitalised in more than 30 countries

The main objective is to digitalise employee career paths, from start to finish. This consists of automating HR processes at each step of an employee’s professional life − starting with their application to Arkadin until they leave the company.

Communication is simpler, quicker, and more efficient with this common tool for managers and their teams. Bi-annual performance appraisals facilitate historical data and objective progression analysis. Managers can access their team’s overview and employee profiles at any given moment. Talentsoft recently developed a new home page with a personalised dashboard for each employee. The new widget feature, with options such as HR news and online user guides, undoubtedly improves user experience. This easy-to-use interface encourages employees to access organisation charts and directories, apply for a position, and recommend a candidate with a simple click of the mouse.

Moreover, Talentsoft is used as a real steering tool that performs multi-criteria analyses on the employee database. This solution thus helps HR teams optimise their organisation and recruiting plans.

The Talentsoft solution is used in 53 Arkadin offices across the globe. It promotes simple and efficient collaboration for Arkadin’s 1,200 employees.


Tool adoption by Arkadin employees and HR teams

Talentsoft has provided Arkadin with a solution that has been highly customised to their internal processes with the truest measure of success being the high adoption rate by employees. This is why the launch of each Talentsoft module is accompanied by an internal communication describing the objectives to be reached as well as simple tutorials for quick and maximised use. Milène Miras, HRIS Project Manager, says, “We host Webinars using in-house collaboration solutions to train HR teams in the new features and encourage them to make the shift to a digital environment!”

Moving towards talent development!

“We have two broad HR work streams that we would like to expand on: digital workplace and people development. The cloud-based Talentsoft solution has enabled the optimisation of our digital collaboration,” explains Sophie Huss. The upcoming development areas will consist of interfacing Talentsoft with other in-house systems such as e-learning and payroll. In alignment with our development strategy, all HR information will be digitalised, thus boosting overall performance.


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