A global talent management application for celio


In choosing Talentsoft the celio HR team was able to create a centralized tool that allowed them to easily monitor and follow up on performance reviews, campaigns, etc. Thus, individual teams can now centralize their data and gain in efficiency.

By using Talentsoft to centralize employee data, celio’s global values of respect, simplicity, performance, and innovation (among others) were paired with HR best practices. This has allowed for celio’s culture to become globally aligned. Furthermore, celio has been empowered to more easily implement its HR strategy as a result of this alignment.

Audrey Delepierre “Our second annual appraisal campaign was conducted for over 3,000 employees. The results were extremely positive – we achieved a performance appraisal form completion rate of over 99.5%.”
Audrey Delepierre, Talent Manager, celio HR department

A flexible, intuitive, and scalable solution

The Talentsoft solution favours the collaboration between the group’s different entities, all while facilitating internal mobility. celio’s “Job listings”, which are updated in real-time, are open to all employees and are displayed in their selected language in order to provide an equal level of information concerning internal vacancies within the company. Audrey Delepierre, Talent Manager, says, “Following our calls for tender we chose Talentsoft due to its flexibility and scalability, which has allowed us to gradually address and resolve our international HR issues – for everything from recruitment to employee appraisals. In addition to this, Talentsoft offers another key advantage: cloud computing, which is accessible to everyone everywhere.”

The celio project

An effective global deployment

Talentsoft Performance & Competencies was first implemented for corporate functions in France and Spain in 2014. It was followed by the deployment of Talentsoft Recruiting throughout all of celio’s European subsidiaries (Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland). In 2015 the rollout of the Talentsoft platform continued with the deployment of Talentsoft Performance & Competencies beyond corporate functions and to all international support roles in France and Spain. “Employees are particularly appreciative of the ease-of-use of the application and the advantages it offers by being paperless,” Jacqueline Berdat, HR manager for celio’s Spanish subsidiary exclaims, “The numbers we see about the use of the tool speak for themselves: after only 8 weeks of our appraisal campaign 100% of the appraisals were completed.”

In 2016 the global deployment of Talentsoft will continue as all support, network, and logistics employees at celio begin using the application. When this process is complete the application will be used by 3,500 celio employees in over nine countries and eight different languages.

Real benefits and mesurable success

“This year, the appraisal campaigns we carried out among more than 3,000 employees yielded a very positive form completion rate of over 99.5%,” says Audrey Delepierre. Talentsoft Performance & Competencies has allowed celio to perform yearly performance reviews, easily create new forms, and provide a consolidated report for the group. Talentsoft also allows the HR department to access standardized reports with relevant data on performance and performance reviews, which has in turn allowed HR to carefully prepare career development plans for employees.

Going further with Talentsoft

Following the success of its international deployment, celio was awarded the “Global HRIS Deployment Award” at the 2015 annual Talentsoft user conference. Talentsoft’s Performance & Competencies and Recruiting products will soon be deployed in celio’s sourcing office based in Hong Kong. The project may also be expanded to include Talentsoft Talent Review.

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