80% of Elior Group employees are satisfied with their Talentsoft HRIS experience


Elior Group is a major player in the catering and food service industry. The company operates in 13 countries and is active in many sectors, including business, industry, education, healthcare, travel and leisure. With 108,000 employees, Elior Group is a highly decentralized organization divided among more than 18,600 restaurants world-wide. Last year, the group generated a revenue of over 5.6 billion euros.

Elior Group subsidiaries are greatly autonomous in their HR policies management and in the way they manage their employees. However, they all use a common application, Elior Talents by Talentsoft, which allows for a coherent management of the group’s employees and markets.

“We have deployed the Appraisal and Performance & Competency modules, Talent Review, Core HR and the My Talentsoft HR platform. With Elior Talents, we manage more than 4,000 employees across seven countries, including France, the UK, the USA, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Mexico,” specifies Marine Riotte, Group Talent HRIS Manager at Talentys.

The Elior Talents community is very important for Elior Group. It is made up of 11 key users from international markets in charge of HR development. Once a year, they hold a development committee to:

  • Share best practices
  • Present Talentsoft’s developments
  • Co-create Elior Talents’ HR processes

“Last year we asked our managers and HR department to answer a satisfaction survey on how they would rate their experience with Elior Talents. With a response rate of 32%, the survey reported an 80% satisfaction rate,” exclaims Riotte.

Watch the video to find out more about how Elior Group enjoys Talentsoft’s cutting-edge innovations. You will also learn about the key advantages of the solutions and the benefits of creating HR working groups!