Shoeby gives its employees the key to professional success with Talentsoft


A family fashion retailer in the Netherlands, Shoeby cares about its employees’ well-being. Its priority is to give each of them the opportunity to play a major role in their own career development. For HR manager Gerben voor de Poorte, Shoeby could not have found a better partner than Talentsoft, as they both share the same values and vision.

With 1400 employees, it is a real challenge to create conditions for everyone to feel good at work. To enable its employees to build their dream careers, Shoeby wanted to focus on two main aspects: training & social feedback.

The company decided thus to provide its teams with an innovative HR tool, Talentsoft solution, and its modules dedicated to training and feedback.

A solution for happy united teams

The access to various trainings enables Shoeby employees to feel they have a real role to play in their own professional evolution.

If someone wants to follow a course, it doesn’t matter in which department he or she works. […] Now that we have Talentsoft, everyone can sign up for different courses throughout the whole country.” Gerben voor de Poorte, HR Manager at Shoeby

It enables them to:
– acquire new knowledge and skills
– feel more united as a team.

Giving and receiving feedbacks in real time is also important for Shoeby. It is a way to:
learn from each other
– and to stimulate the teams.

Benefits of the partnership

– people manage their own career development
– real feedback in real time
– more learning and fun at work
– make work a better place

Shoeby and Talentsoft’s collaboration won’t stop here as Shoeby will extend its HR tool by adding the Recruiting module. A step further in a successful partnership!