GFI Informatique digitizes 80% of its HR processes, including compensation, with Talentsoft


European key player of IT services and software production, GFI Informatique has undertaken a global digitalization of its HR processes. The aim: a harmonization of the HR processes at the international level in relation with the company’s general objectives, in order to constantly mobilize their employees to meet their customer’s challenges.

GFI Informatique group is a leading IT services company with more than 12 000 employees located in 40 branches in France and 7 countries. The group’s 890 million euros revenue comes from 5 industries: consulting, application development, infrastructure, systems integration, and software solutions. The Group offers innovative solutions such as digital technology, cloud computing, outsourcing, and HR solutions.

In order to simplify its talent management, GFI Informatique has chosen to deploy the Talentsoft Recruiting, Performances and Competencies, Training, and Compensation modules, and thus digitizes all its HR processes.

GFI Informatique gives a lot of importance to their employees: The Group aims that everyone become a real participant in its daily transformation. In this way, innovation is a key issue for GFI’s strategy, in particular the HRD’s one. The Group has digitized about 80% of their documents and HR processes with Talentsoft. Moreover, the HR software offers a major asset with the integration of the company’s sectoral issues.

According to France Desnouveaux, what is really appreciated by the Group’s managers and employees with the Talentsoft solution is that it offers a single and easy-to-use platform for all HR processes, maintaining coherence with a smooth navigation. “This was revealed during a recent satisfaction survey carried out with our managers during the deployment of the new Talentsoft platform.” affirms France Desnouveaux.

Regarding reporting, France Desnouveaux testifies: « Reporting is very important for us and this is also a crucial element in the solutions we have adopted, for a greater visibility of the present and to anticipate the future. A few of the KPIs we use with Talentsoft are annual appraisals which were completed with a success rate of 97% in our last campaign. We have received about 16 000 applications since we started using Talentsoft in January. Regarding compensation, we can now track payroll development in real-time with Talentsoft.”

The implementation of the Compensation module was a real milestone in the Group’s Human Resources Management policy and has changed different processes. Speaking for the HR department, this has helped the company to save time and secure their data. It has helped managers to navigate smoothly and receive information in real-time, with a centralized management. For the general management, it is also the insurance of being able to consult data in real-time and manage payroll’s evolution.

“For me, Talentsoft represents professionalism, with experts who are always ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have. They come up with innovative solutions that are adapted to your activity sector. Moreover, Talentsoft assures a true collaboration with their clients to improve their products. Finally, their team spirit is terrific and you really feel like engaging with them.” concludes France Desnouveaux.