Switch on project success

To transform HR, it’s key that your new solution is a smooth success. That’s why we aim for quick and seamless implementation. And it’s why we empower our local teams to be there with you every step of the way, to assist your cultural maturity and evolving HR needs.

Your HR. Our expertise.

There’s no single path towards business transformation – every organization is different, and every HR team is unique. Our teams will help you adjust the contours of your project to fit in with specific processes. With their combined experience as HCM consultants and product specialists, they’ll provide operational implementation and technical support, as well as sectoral insights and HR consultancy. 

Our network of partners means we have a broad global reach, can manage the delivery of complex projects, and offer you the tools that will complement your Talentsoft solution. Plus, you can choose your preferred implementation partner, whether that’s because you’ve worked with them before, or you’re interested in their deep industry and market expertise.

Three methods. One goal.

From standard to full customization to co-creation, our varying methods are designed so you can find the one that’s right for your organization. And our experts will help you identify this according to your needs. 

Large enterprise or just starting up? Big plans or do you only need a few adjustments? We’ve delivered numerous projects of all types, in all sectors, for customers of all shapes and sizes. Because of this track record, you’ll benefit from the experiences, learnings, and best practices we’ve taken from each and every project.

Plug and Play

Ideal for small companies, our standard method includes pre-settings based on best practices – allowing fast implementation with controlled planning and costs. 

Adjust and Play

This fine-tuned method is based on an iterative approach, where you’ll benefit from a mix of pre-settings and adjustments. Perfect for midsized companies with a centralized structure.

Customize and Play

For large, decentralized organizations, our team will work with you to create a fully customized method that addresses your specific challenges, while keeping an agile approach to ease your HR transformation.

Extend and Play

Do you need to extend your existing solution to a new country or a group of countries? Or are you opening a new branch in your organization? This iterative approach can stretch as far as your ambitions go. Our team will adapt the same method used for your previous implementation to make sure you receive the same great experience, developed just for you. And, you’ll still be able to rely on a dedicated team of HR and technical experts. 

Plug & Play​

Adjust & Play

Customize & Play
In a nutshell​ Very fast implementation
Preconfigured HR processes & tools
Based on HR best practices​
Rapid implementation​
Slight adaptations of preconfigured HR processes & tools​
Based on HR best practices​
Tailor-made approach​
Focused on deep customer adaptation and integration​
Based on Customer Processes and Tools​
Project typical duration​ 1 month​ 3 months​ From 4,5 months​
Type of configurations​ 100% Standard​ 80% of standard configurations, ​
20% of adjustments
Up to 100% of advanced configurations​
Steering​ Not applicable​ Project Committee​ Project Committee​
Steering committee​
Contractual committee (optional)
Technical environment​ Basic: one source system integrated, reduced to critical data​ Simple: up to three third party systems integrated, several data​ Complex : no limit on third party systems integrated, all type of data​
Targeted organizations​ Simple organizations, one country​ Organizations with a limited number of entities, ​
Up to 3 countries
Complex organizations handling​
HR process complexity​ No process in place today or very undefined​
Particularly adapted for clients with no process / used to use paper
HR processes need to be improved or simplified​
Engagement of harmonization (between entities, subsidiaries, sites, etc.) of HR processes integrated in the project before implementation
HR processes are very mature and complex​
Languages implemented Only 1​ Up to 3​ As many as necessary​

Enrich your experience

Curious to know what will happen after the implementation? Wonder no more. As a Talentsoft customer, you’ll have access to a wide range of services to help you ensure product adoption, accelerate your transformation, and get the support and guidance you need. It also means you’ll join a vibrant HR community of more than 5,500 experts.