Strategic Workforce Management Solution: Talentsoft

Do you want to align your HR process with your business strategy? Talentsoft workforce management software provides you with all the tools you need to bring your workforce in line with your business goals. It helps you match the right talent with the right position, simulate potential career moves, and make predictions about your long-term workforce requirements based on competency and position analysis. Talentsoft Workforce Planning means your human resources are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Benefits of the Talentsoft Workforce Management Software

1. Rapid creation of your job and competency library. Talentsoft’s user-friendly and intuitive display becomes the central hub for your job library, creating a comprehensive catalogue that pairs available posts with key competencies. Log current and future positions, and quickly share this information via posts using existing data.

2. Workforce management solution that support your company’s strategy. Talent Workforce Planning is a practical monitoring tool that enables you to construct a career path for each member of your team. You can then use the powerful workforce metrics to monitor the long-term progress of your strategy at every stage—ensuring that your objectives are being met.

3. Define career paths and required competencies. Using Talentsoft’s advanced workforce management tools you can simulate how employees can move between jobs—highlighting any existing competency gaps along the way. It also makes it possible to analyze what skills are required in order for your employees to move from one position to another.

4. Efficient HR marketing that keeps your employees up-to-date. In addition to streamlining the HR process, Talentsoft makes the competency and jobs library available to all employees—helping to strengthen your team through internal growth. It’s also possible to target peer communities with specific jobs, preventing silo mentality and ensuring your best are where they should be.

About Talentsoft Workforce Management Software

5 million users and over 800 clients throughout 100 countries; Talentsoft brings flexible, cloud-based workforce management solution to companies all over the world. Our suite of products has been specifically developed to help HR managers identify, assess, engage and retain talent—ensuring your company culture continues to grow like your business. Suitable for all structures from small and medium enterprises to fully-fledged multinationals, Talentsoft works seamlessly with any existing HR system or software. What’s more, because today’s business world is truly international, our service is available in multiple languages. So, wherever your company operates you can optimize your HR culture and connect all of your employees around the world via an easy-to-use tool that enables subsidiary managers to appraise their employees in their respective language. Find out more about the range of products Talentsoft offers today and experience workforce management solution made simple.