Workforce Planning Software

Align your HR processes and your business objectives with the Talentsoft Workforce Planning software. Designed to provide fully-integrated talent management solutions for your HR department, our platform allows you to match the right talent with the right position, visualize and build scenarios, predict future needs and anticipate risks—all from a single, easy-to-use interface. Helping you retain your best talents and turn jobs into careers. With Talentsoft Workforce Planning, tomorrow’s challenges become today’s advantages.

Talentsoft workforce planning strategy

1. Workforce and competency foundations. Create and implement a comprehensive job library complete with specific key competencies and levels required. Using the same interface, it’s then possible to map current and future positions, and create new ones using existing data.

2. Anticipate job growth. Support your company’s strategy by identifying key competency gaps. With our platform it’s possible to visualize exactly how your talents can move into different positions while also identifying competency gaps, helping you to plan effectively for the future.

3. Create career paths. Help retain your best talents by constructing tangible career paths. With Talentsoft you can develop individual plans that meet your business objectives while simulating their impact. You can then monitor your workforce metrics and ensure the long-term success of your action plans.

4. Connect with your employees. The Talentsoft platform provides your HR department with a powerful marketing tool. Using our intuitive interface, access to all the latest vacancies is made easy. Complete with detailed descriptions of positions and functions, Talentsoft becomes the central hub for HR.

About Talentsoft workforce planning software

Established in 2007, Talentsoft is Europe’s leading cloud-based talent management software. Used daily by over 5 million people worldwide, we provide end-to-end solutions for recruitment, performance, career development, learning, and compensation management. What’s more, Talentsoft’s unique design enhances any existing HR system and is capable of functioning at the local, regional, and global level. So, for concrete results you can rely on, choose Talentsoft today.