An Integrated Solution to Workforce Analytics

Talentsoft offers end-to-end talent management products, but it doesn’t stop there. Our in-depth application acts as a centralized database for all your employee information; when combined with Talentsoft HR Analytics, it’s possible to leverage the data accrued from all HR processes to provide you and your HR managers with valuable insights into your workforce. This is thanks to our integrated workforce analytics platform with pre-packaged indicators that allow for a granular style of analysis. The results? Enhanced decision-making at every stage, the inclusion of stakeholders in the improvement of your organization and the ability to anticipate future adjustments when necessary.

The Benefits of Talentsoft Workforce Analytics

Talentsoft transforms workforce analytics in three ways. First it consolidates your employee data. This allows for a holistic view of your workforce while enabling you to monitor HR data at any point in time. Second, Talentsoft becomes a strategic partner in decision-making thanks to easily customized dashboards and pre-packaged indicators. Finally, thanks to a comprehensive overview of employee data, Talentsoft workforce metrics help to improve your long-term retention rates by identifying departure risks. This allows you to act preemptively by providing access to career development—helping to turn jobs into careers and ensuring your brightest talents don’t become your competitor’s next advantage.

About the Talentsoft Platform

Established in 2007, Talentsoft is now one of Europe’s leading software-as-a-service companies; with over 8 million users and 1500 clients across 4 continents. A fully-integrated, cloud-based solution to talent management and workforce analytics, our application can be scaled to fit any company and has been especially developed by HR experts to enrich existing HR systems. What’s more, Talentsoft is a completely multi-lingual service—meaning it’s ideal for international organizations. Discover the full range of products and services available, and find out how Talentsoft can transform your HR today.