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Future-proof your organization with Talentsoft Content.

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Content as a Service

Talentsoft Content was designed for learning managers by learning managers and helps meets all your external training content needs. Our one-stop, pay-per-view digital content platform allows you to browse and watch exclusive digital training content offered by our partners.

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Custom training content

Use content recommendations to suggest specific training courses tailored to your teams’ needs. Create your blended learning programme by mixing off-the-shelf elearning content with face-to-face training, virtual classes, or your own custom content.

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Bespoke production management

Easily create and manage your bespoke training courses with our guided process. From the Talentsoft Content platform, post your project specifications and receive custom propositions from our selection of expert agencies and instructional designers.

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Talentsoft Content is also:

  • More than 120 content channels

  • 35 content providers

  • New training content added regularly

  • Content tracking

  • Bespoke content management

  • Certified content

  • Full integration with Talentsoft LMS and LCMS

  • Simple and easy payment options

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