Helping You Bring Out Your Best — Training & Development with Talentsoft

The Talentsoft team is made up of HR professionals who are dedicated to helping you tap into the very best within each and every one of your employees through training and development programs that deliver results. We believe it’s the healthiest and most sustainable way to run a business. We use a studied, scientific approach to implement this, weighing up all of the most important factors and listening to real HR managers and employees to see what changes would make their lives, and careers, better. For example, our research into human resource development led us to determine that 67% of HR directors believe that targeted learning courses are effective in helping to retain key talents (Talentsoft Talent Management Survey 2014).
In response to what the industry told us, we developed the Talentsoft Learning module. An intelligent, insightful tool that minimizes the impact of competency gaps on your business, and maximizes the potential for professional training and development within your workforce. Read on to find out how the Talentsoft employee training software can transform your company’s talent.

For Every Human Resource Development Challenge, there’s a Talentsoft Solution

1. When it comes to training and development, many HR professionals have to grapple with managing learning needs on top of measuring the effectiveness of their learning and development programs. Our cloud-based employee training software solves both of these challenges with ease. Keep on track with other tasks and reduce your workload thanks to centralized management of all HR processes. Talentsoft then allows you to immediately rate your training courses based on the direct feedback of your participants, and gain instant insight into the efficacy of your training and development programs.

2. In addition to this, our employee training software interface helps you stay on top of all aspects of your training and development programs—from budget to requests. With a few clicks you can monitor all employee requests for learning and development in real time, before allocating tailored training actions for individual employees in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface. Finally, keep one eye on the budget with the training plan field. Here, you can access a comprehensive overview of where your budget is being spent, and what costs are on the horizon.

Talentsoft: A Global Leader in Training & Development Software

We’re proud of the company culture we’ve crafted throughout the Talentsoft community, a community which includes all of our clients, too. At the heart of this culture is a dedication to helping each individual realize and fulfil their potential. If our approach to training and development speaks to you, then why not test the Talentsoft application for free? A trial doesn’t take long to complete, and we’re confident you’ll discover the benefit we bring. 5 million users in 100 countries are already enjoying the difference we make to their training and development success.