Talentsoft: Smart Employee Development Programs

Don’t let competency gaps impact your business. Talentsoft’s fully-integrated application is designed to manage your employees' professional development, control costs, and align careers with your strategic goals—all from a single, intuitive app. So, invest in, strengthen, and retain your talent today with Talentsoft.

The Benefits of an Integrated Employee Training Program

Centralize your training plans. This includes requests, internal and external training catalogues, as well as developing detailed training paths for both individuals and groups.

Manage professional development. Bring real-time monitoring to your employee development programs with notifications, post-training assessment, and ongoing monitoring for budgets.

Consolidate your team. Talentsoft’s centralized application means managers can collect and request training, and HR can make adjustments to programs as and when you need.

Retain your talent. Make sure that your best and brightest talents remain a part of your team by aligning their professional growth with your business goals.

About the Talentsoft Application

Talentsoft is one of Europe’s leading software-as-a-service platforms, brining end-to-end talent management application to companies around the globe. A flexible, modular, cloud-based suite—our application has been designed by HR experts to enrich any existing HR system and adapt to any size of company or organizational structure. Fast, easy, proven: click here for a full demo and discover how Talentsoft can transform your employee development programs.