Reap the Rewards of Employee Development with Talentsoft

Finding and hiring the right employee is only half the job. Employee training and development with Talentsoft gets the rest of the job done—sustainably, holistically, and with real results.

To many companies the training of employees falls low on the list of priorities, and is often relegated in importance to the client-facing side of business. The Talentsoft Learning application is here to show you the true value—the human added value—of investing in employee training for your company’s goals. Thanks to our customer first approach, we’ve designed our application to work in harmony with you and your business, meaning the process of creating and implementing an employee training plan has never been so simple—or effective. By showing a genuine, mutual interest in the growth of your staff, you simultaneously demonstrate that they are part of your future plans, too. So, don’t lose your workforce talent to another company; harness it with Talentsoft.

How Talentsoft employee development works

Our Learning application streamlines employee development plans into three convenient tools. The moment you install the application you have powerful training management at your fingertips, enabling you to set up your training plans in just a few clicks. This first phase of the process is often the most time-consuming. That’s why we’ve been mindful to make the application as seamless as possible. From a single interface you can centralize company-wide training requests in one place, and prioritize all actions at a glance to suit you. The multitude of options allows you to plan rich, extensive employee training paths that include group sessions, one-on-one coaching, e-learning, and so on.

The second tool helps you to manage your employees’ development with real-time monitoring of progress. Save time with automatic post-training assessments for all your participants, and stay on top of the cost of their development with continuous budget tracking. The third and final Learning application tool is about bringing your team closer together while helping you use your time more wisely. Involve employees and managers by creating an employee development plan that can be supported by all stakeholders, and put all your participants on the same page with a training catalogue that is viewable for all employees. What’s more, managers are able to collect and consolidate training needs for their teams, while employees can use the handy app to access e-learning material.

Discover Talentsoft today

Keep everyone in the loop and put your talent on an employee development path destined for growth with Talentsoft. Interested? Then why not test the Talentsoft Learning application today? It’s free and there’s no obligation. Talentsoft: pioneering software for better employee development across the board.