Provide your organisation with unlimited learning activities, access to experts and training communities, and design a tailored roadmap engineered for success.

Automated training management and simplified logistics

Automatically collect your organisation’s training requirements, so you can build effective training plans. From managing your catalogue to tracking expenses, Talentsoft Training simplifies training administration and logistics.

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Empower your employees to reach their fully potential.

Promote and improve your training offer by using an on-demand catalogue and the SkillUp learning marketplace. Provide an extended learning experience through collaborative content generation and blended learning, all available on the LMS mobile app.

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Create a collaborative learning journey

Include employees in a continuous learning experience with the Open Community, virtual video chat and gamification. Allow employees to share their expertise and best practices via the SkillCatch mobile app.

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Talentsoft Learning helps us centralize all training requests, registration follow-ups, and employee progress on our e-learning modules--all this via a single access point. We also appreciate that reminder emails can be configured for key steps in the process. This will encourage employees to complete their training programmes on time.
Agnès Servian
Head of Training & Competency Development — PMU

Talentsoft Learning is also:

  • Blended learning

  • Certification management

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • User-generated content

  • LMS mobile app

  • Training catalogue

  • Full integration with HR processes

  • 100% SaaS & Cloud