Talentsoft: Aligning Talent with Strategy

Your talents are your most valuable asset. That’s why when it comes to talent management it pays to be smart. Introducing the Talentsoft platform: a centralized system that keeps all of your employee information in one place. With Talentsoft, you can analyze and act on your human capital, build HR plans, and manage career and succession planning from a single location. Customizable and suitable for any HR process, our products and services align talent with strategy and help your employees turn their jobs into careers. Let Talentsoft bring concrete results with human added value to your talent management process today.

Identify, Build, and Maintain: End-to-End Talent Management Solutions

How well do you know your team? With Talentsoft we provide talent management tools that help you identify, build, and maintain your talent pipeline—so, you can maximize the potential of your competitive advantage. The result? Staffing decisions that make sense for your business model and employees; succession plans with clear, achievable goals; and the retention of key talents—meaning your best assets don’t become your competitor’s next advantage.

Easy-to-use, the Talentsoft interface makes it possible to consolidate all of your employees’ information in a single, unified platform. Here, you can use our talent management tools to view appraisal results, targets, requests for training and identify skill gaps. This comprehensive solution uses both management and HR to help streamline your analysis and decision making. Talentsoft talent management tools also make it possible to align your talents with the right projects by identifying and comparing strengths and weaknesses at a glance. So you can make better, more informed decisions, faster. Beyond this, Talentsoft is designed to ensure you maintain your talents through formalized action plans adapted to each employee. The Talentsoft talent management platform makes it possible to meet expectations and set goals using development, training, mobility, and salary tools, while developing individual career plans that help your employees achieve their long-term objectives.

About Talentsoft Talent Management Software

What is Talentsoft? We’re Europe’s leading talent management software. Established in 2007, today we’re used by more than 5 million people, with over 800 clients in 100 countries. Talentsoft is a comprehensive, cloud-based suite that enables HR managers to identify, assess, develop and retain talents. It works with any size company—from small or medium size enterprises to large-scale multinationals across both the public and private sector. Whatever your business and wherever you’re located, our efficient and cost-effective software works at the local, regional, and global level. What’s more, because we understand that the world of business is always changing, we’re flexible, too. Our software is always updated to meet the latest HR demands, so we’re able to answer your talent management needs in real time.