Boost Your Career Development Programs with Talentsoft

Try implementing career development plans with Talentsoft; the most effective way to tease out the best within each individual in your workforce. Meaningful talent management enables HR professionals to proactively steer careers in the right direction. With Talentsoft’s career development software, you can analyze your human capital to create smarter, strategic HR plans that bring out the hidden potential in your employees.

Exceed career development goals with Talentsoft

Seventy-one percent of HR development professionals feel unable to identify key competency gaps during their appraisal campaign. Talentsoft provides an integrated solution to this common HR need. Our application equip you with all the necessary tools to leverage your appraisals and craft sustainable career development programs that deliver real results. From one intuitive interface, you can easily identify and assign relevant training courses according to the needs of individuals. As a result, you can create seamless personalized career development plans. A more customized approach to your employees’ development leads to more effective growth, and gives your participants a greater chance of not only meeting their career development goals, but going beyond them.

How Talentsoft makes life easier for you

At Talentsoft, it’s our job to make yours easier. So, in addition to helping you boost the career development of your talent, we also strive to make your day-to-day smoother, too. The Talentsoft Performance & Competencies solution enriches all your HR processes. For example, once you have set your employee career development programs into motion, our smart interface lets you track employee satisfaction, progress, and feedback at a glance—wherever you are. Additionally, with the flexible form builder you can effortlessly create bespoke surveys and forms—all in the brand identity of your business.

About the Talentsoft application

A market leader in HR services, Talentsoft serves 800 clients and is used by 5 million people in 100 countries. Our cloud-based software brings solutions to companies of all sizes—from small to SME and multinationals, in both the private and public sector. Find out what Talentsoft can bring to your HR department by seeing what our customers have to say about our service. Talentsoft: bringing human added value to your business.