Talentsoft Talent Acquisition: Moving from Recruitment to Acquisition

Great talent is at the heart of every great business. Highly customizable and adaptable, Talentsoft’s talent acquisition software is designed to help you develop and streamline your talent acquisition strategy. By addressing recruiting challenges like managing interaction with candidates and onboarding new hires, the Talentsoft talent acquisition software brings you a modern approach to 360 degree recruiting.

Rather than simply recruiting talent to fill a position, talent acquisition approaches the hiring process from a long-term worforce planning perspective. Talent acquisition software from Talentsoft enables you to integrate this approach and attract talent that not only meets a present need, but will also be a valuable asset to your company in the future.

The Four Steps of a Talent Acquisition Strategy

1.Strengthen your employer brand. The first step in building a talent acquisition strategy is strengthening your employer brand. Our fully configurable plug-and-play application will allow you to create an enhanced user experience for candidates and employees. Use our convenient efficiency boosters like geolocation and one click application via LinkedIn to encourage candidates to apply.

2.Advertise your vacancies. Make sure that potential candidates never miss a job posting and advertise your job vacancies in a single click with our job posting partners. Streamline your talent acquisition through our automatic integration of local regulatory requirements like mandatory questions and equal opportunity regulations.

3.Identify the best candidates. Our talent acquisition software operates a convenient scoring and matching system, which filters candidates according to pre-defined criteria, meaning your hiring managers will only be presented with viable talent. As internal mobility is a vital part of any talent acquisition strategy, you can also use our tool to consolidate all job vacancies so your current employees can access them.

4.Convert candidates to employees. Once you have found the perfect candidate for your company, our talent acquisition software will allow you to quickly convert them into an employee through the automatic issue of employment offers and contracts. You can then track the probation period and contract end dates, to ensure no talent slips through the net.

Attract Mobile Talent with the Customizable Talent Acquisition App

Today 86% of job seekers would like to use their mobile devices for their job search. Make sure you are engaging mobile talent with the Talensoft’s talent acquisition app. Push messages and SMS integration allow you to address candidates directly and one-click application encourages talent to apply on the go.