Award-Winning Recruiting Solutions from Talentsoft

Talentsoft consists of passionate, highly experienced HR experts who want to make life easier—and careers more rewarding—for HR professionals and their workforces. We have pooled all of our resources and listened to the real, everyday needs of HR teams in multiple countries. In doing this we were able to develop a suite of HR software products that address the real challenges of day-to-day HR work. One such challenge is perhaps among the biggest faced by HR teams: solutions for recruiting.

Solve all of your recruitment needs with our interactive and flexible recruiting solutions. Our comprehensive software program enables you to leverage all your channels for a 360°, streamlined approach to finding new talent. Identify the most promising candidates by matching and comparing skill-based scores; keep senior management meaningfully involved in the decision-making process; and enhance your company’s branding on relevant career portals—all of this is possible, and easy, with the technical recruiting solutions from Talentsoft.

Talentsoft: Technical Recruiting Solutions

Our software gives you access to an intuitive plug-and-play career website packed full of features that enrich the user experience for candidates, allowing them to apply for vacancies via LinkedIn, Xing and Viadeo with one click. The career website is fully customizable, meaning you can adapt it to meet your corporate identity, boosting your brand. Recruiting solutions don’t come much slicker: With a single click you can publish your company’s open positions and disseminate them intelligently—and with greater reach—thanks to our job posting distribution partners.

On top of this, the intuitive interface allows you to spot the brightest applicants more efficiently. Using pre-defined criteria, the system automatically compares applicants based on their scores for various requirements of the position. Our recruiting solutions like these have helped over 8 million users in 25 languages across 4 continents. And our peers are recognizing just how transformative our software is: from technical recruiting solutions to outstanding customer service, Talentsoft has received awards from all corners of the HR industry. Discover what we can do for your recruitment team today with a free trial.