Recruiting Plans with a Difference: Talentsoft

Talentsoft is revolutionizing HR processes one solution at a time thanks to our cloud-based software. Our HR expertise has shaped all of the products and services we offer, meaning we use our specialist knowledge and experience to create solutions that work for you and your workforce talent.

Manage and strengthen your brand with Talentsoft

We are mindful of the real, everyday needs of HR professionals, which is why we regularly listen to the industry in order to formulate products that address issues and meet untapped opportunities. For example, we discovered that 77% of HR workers believe their employer brand to be a key factor in attracting the right employee profiles. This insight led us to develop our product for recruiting plans.

The Talentsoft Recruiting solution helps you manage and strengthen your brand while also streamlining the job posting process to potential applicants. In addition to this, our product assists you in identifying the best candidates and makes the hiring process much simpler. So, you can get your company’s name out there and seen in a positive light, while attracting the most outstanding candidates. Enhance your recruiting strategy plan with Talentsoft—you’ll soon see the results in your team.

Mobilize your recruitment plan with Talentsoft

In today’s industry mobile devices are more important than ever: 86% of job seekers would like to use their mobile phone for their job search. Talentsoft wants to help you engage this huge pool of candidates, wherever they may be. That way, you’ll never miss the right candidate just because your recruiting plan wasn’t optimized for mobile.

With the Talentsoft Mobile App, geolocation enables you create a recruiting plan that segments and reaches out to the candidates most relevant to you. Start a conversation with applicants in real time, and show your potential employees that your business is just as mobile as they are. The Talentsoft Mobile App is available for external recruiting and internal mobility. Enhance your recruiting plan today with the smart, comprehensive and award-winning software and products from Talentsoft.