The Many Benefits of an Internal Job Posting

An internal mobility program can have a far reaching positive effect on a workforce—in terms of employee growth, retention, and individual talent management. Facilitating mobility within your company is an integral facet of any talent management strategy; an internal job posting can be the catalyst for progress that sees your employees take the right step—at the right time and in the right role. Accepting a job application from an internal talent sends a strong message to your entire workforce. It is likely to serve as a motivating factor for your employees to stay with your company because they are able to see the tangible, upward trajectory that their career can take. Give your employees the incentive they need to grow with an internal job posting today.

Internal Job Posting for Great Employee Engagement

In addition to motivating your employees to remain with your company, supporting an internal job transfer also fosters greater employee engagement. This is thanks to the positive impression and morale boost that the prospect of mobility within the company brings. The knock-on effects are numerous: From increased retention and engagement to enhanced individual performance and interdepartmental collaboration—helping to reduce costs and create a more dynamic work environment. The benefits of a successful internal job posting can be seen externally, too. In supporting individual career growth, potential talents will come to see your company as one that encourages its workforce to climb the internal ladder and land themselves more senior positions, or positions which allow them to practice and learn new skills. Attract the best from within and outside of your company with an internal job posting.

Get Help with Internal Job Posting and More with Talentsoft

Talentsoft helps you achieve your business objectives through integrated software solutions for HR professionals. Streamline your internal job transfer process and put your employees’ careers in the express lane with our internal mobility software. With this internal job posting tool by Talentsoft you can empower your employees to forge their own career paths while doing all you can to ensure their career stays a part of your company.

Thanks to the simple interface, your entire workforce can view your internal job board. This is a transparent approach to letting your employees know how the company is growing, and where they can fit into that growth. The simplicity also makes it much easier and faster for your employees to submit an internal job application. On top of this, the tool gives you greater insight into your workforce’s wants and needs. Employees can state their functional or geographical mobility requests using their profile—meaning you can identify suitable candidates for an internal job posting faster than ever before.