Leverage Your Talent with Talentsoft Internal Recruiting Solution

Identify your up-and-coming talents and make sure they remain your company’s most valuable asset. Our integrated internal hiring platform provides your employees with the information, tools, and training they need to take charge of their careers. From advertising vacancies to managing training and mobility requests, Talentsoft offers end-to-end internal hiring solution that works for you.

Established in 2007, Talentsoft is now Europe’s leading cloud-based talent management software. Flexible and easy to integrate, our platform works with any size company from small or medium-sized enterprises and large multinationals, while the option of multiple languages means it seamlessly integrates with your existing HR systems—wherever they are. If you’d like to know more about Talentsoft and what we offer, you can read about the full range of products and services.

How Talentsoft Internal Recruiting Software Works

1. Advertise your job postings using our fully-configurable process. Detail and customize your workflow for all stages of the internal hiring process, from recruitment to approval. You can also automatically integrate local regulatory requirements directly into your application form using mandatory questions, required documentation, equal opportunity regulations, and more.

2. Facilitate and manage mobility requests. Internal job boards help to increase job visibility for your employees, while the option to manage internal hiring requests permits visual analysis of the gaps in an employee’s skill set. You can then implement customized action plans based on this information that align with your business objectives, enhancing your training and recruitment strategies.

3. Identify your best applicants. Talentsoft streamlines the internal recruitment process using its unique Scoring and Matching system that produces automatic evaluations of your talent based on pre-defined criteria decided by you. You can then connect directly with managers, who can even propose career changes for employees during appraisals.

4. Retain your talent. Using Talentsoft in your internal recruiting process ensures that your employees have clear objectives that align with their goals. This is facilitated through centralized training requests and easy access to job libraries designed to encourage a hands-on approach to career management.

Talentsoft Internal Recruiting Mobile App

Are your employees aware of your latest job posting? If not, they should be. Talentsoft makes it possible to engage directly with your employees through our easy-to-use internal recruiting mobile app—keeping them up-to-date on the latest opportunities.

Our platform means that when a position becomes available it can be easily shared both internally and externally. So your brightest talents are able to compete with the market’s best contenders. What’s more, you can engage an entire mobile audience through SMS integration with real-time job and status updates on-the-go. The result: increased opportunity, employee satisfaction, and jobs that turn into careers. Simple. With Talentsoft, internal recruitment is made possible anytime, anywhere.