Foster Talent with the Internal Mobility solution from Talentsoft

A number of factors make the world’s leading companies the champions of their respective fields. One of them is their ability to not only attract, but also to retain the most dedicated and talented employees. By adopting an effective internal mobility program, they ensure the success of each individual talent, along with that of the company.

This is why Talentsoft provides you with an internal mobility tool that encourages and facilitates employees to carve out a successful career path, assists managers throughout the decision making process, and allows you to implement customized action plans. Make internal mobility best practices an integral part of your overall talent management strategy and witness the positive ripple effect throughout your company.

Features of the Talentsoft internal mobility tool

Included in our internal mobility solution is an internal job board for your company, which leverages technology to remove internal barriers when applying for positions by giving employees an overview of the jobs available both locally and globally, helping them to envision their career within an organization. Recruiting from within has a host of benefits, especially when it comes to boosting moral and employee’s investment in your company. It is also more cost-effective to retain and develop talent rather than hiring external candidates each time you have a vacancy.

The tool then gives managers a consolidated view of all geographical, functional or promotional internal mobility requests, as well as an analysis of the individual’s skill set and potential gaps in it. Based on this information managers can choose how to proceed. Aside from approving or refusing requests, managers also have the option to set up mentoring and coaching pairs, whereby a junior employee is given feedback, training, and growth opportunities by a more senior employee, improving future internal mobility potential.

Identify mobility trends and analyze data

Lastly the internal mobility solution identifies mobility trends and analyzes data to facilitate the development of relevant training programs and recruitment strategies. This not only ensures that employees can progress in their careers at the right time in the right position, it also aligns your internal mobility program with your overall business objectives. Providing employees with relevant support and training prevents your most talented employees from leaving for better opportunities elsewhere. Additionally, fostering a culture of encouragement and opportunity through internal mobility best practices will also attract talented external candidates. With a motivated and engaged employee base composed of highly talented individuals, your company is well on its way to becoming the champion of its field.