Talentsoft: Human Capital Management Software

When it comes to human capital management, the answer is simple: Talentsoft. Our fully-integrated application has been developed by HR experts to help companies achieve their business goals, foster innovation, and support continuous improvement. A multi-currency, multi-lingual application, Talentsoft can be used at the local, regional, and global level—while still ensuring compliance with industry regulations. For more information on the full range of products and services available, click here.

Human Capital Management: End-to-End Application

For every HR process, there’s a Talentsoft solution. Our modular application covers all stages of human capital management: from recruitment and learning to compensation and workforce planning. Communicate directly with employees and HR managers, create customized forms, identify key competency gaps or top talents, and define your performance expectations—all from a single, easy-to-use application. What’s more, you’ll gain access to an agile HR analytics suite with pre-packaged indicators and granular analysis designed to streamline HR decision making at every stage. So, sign up for a free trial today, and discover how Talentsoft’s end-to-end application will transform your human capital management.

About the Talentsoft Application

Providing human capital management services to more than 1500 clients and 8 million users in across 4 continents, Talentsoft is Europe’s leading talent management platform. Designed to facilitate communication between HR managers and employees, Talentsoft places human added value at the heart of your HR process—turning jobs into careers by aligning your best talents with your business objectives. Our platform works with all companies, from small to medium sized business to resource-intensive multinationals. Plus, it’s flexible too; Talentsoft interfaces seamlessly with any existing payroll or HR system. To learn more about how Talentsoft is leading human capital management around the world, browse our customer success stories.