Human Resource Management with Talentsoft

HR management with human added value; Talentsoft is a comprehensive, multilingual and fully-integrated HR management solution designed to work with any existing HR organization or business model. User-friendly and with a high degree of customization, Talentsoft will consolidate and enrich your existing HR processes, while its powerful analytics module will move your company beyond actionable insights and deliver real-time data to improve decision making and increase retention rates. What’s more, Talentsoft interfaces seamlessly with any existing HR systems, making it an efficient and cost-effective HR management solution. Flexible, intuitive, and scalable to meet your business needs, Talentsoft is the future of human resource management.

HR Management Solutions

Redefine your HR management with Talentsoft. Our application suite provides multi-site, and multi-country solutions that will revolutionize your HR processes. From recruiting through internal mobility and succession planning, Talentsoft enables your HR to implement effective workforce planning—at all stages.

Our end-to-end HR management application is designed to match your strategic goals and energize your human capital. Consolidate your administrative data from all other systems and create a comprehensive data bank that makes assessing your employees’ current and past information a breeze. This can then be leveraged for all HR processes such as performance evaluations and internal hiring. Beyond this, learning and internal mobility enables your employees to access and identify key competency gaps, gain access to valuable training resources, and view vacancies from a single location—helping them build long-term, professional goals.

Improve Human Resource Management with Powerful Analytics

Beyond providing HR management solutions, our powerful suite is designed to enhance your decision-making by leveraging the data from all your HR processes. Our integrated solution to HR management combines powerful insights, pre-packaged indicators, and a granular-style of analysis to streamline decision-making throughout your organization.

Consolidate all your employee information and use intuitive category filters to recall HR data from any point in time. With Talentsoft, it is also possible to create a customized dashboard with pre-packaged indicators that help supply information, making you a strategic partner in decision-making. Finally, the Talentsoft application supports your business objectives by identifying potential departure risks—improving retention rates and facilitating long-term planning.

About Talentsoft HR Management Software

Established in 2007, Talentsoft is the leading provider of cloud-based talent and HR management software. We put professional growth at the center of your HR process, and transform your investment in people into your company’s biggest asset. Used by over 5 million people in over 100 countries, we offer a fully-integrated service that’s flexible enough to work with any existing HR system and can be scaled to meet your business needs accordingly. Whatever your organization, location, language and local legislation, Talentsoft HR management software is there to support you at the local, regional, and global level.