HR Software that Works for You: Talentsoft

Talentsoft is Europe’s leading provider of cloud-based talent management HR software. Our unique, fully-integrated platform provides your employees with the tools they need to turn their jobs into careers—and help transform your investment in people into your biggest business asset. The smartest, most intuitive and most flexible HR software on the market, whatever type of company you own and wherever you’re located, Talentsoft has the answer to your HR needs.

The Benefits of Talentsoft HR Software Solution

1. Your employees’ careers at the heart of your HR system. Talentsoft facilitates the mobility and development of key competencies, aligning the professional objectives of your employees with the HR processes of your business—helping to retain your talents and enabling you to develop a strategic HR process.

2. Designed for your business, adapted for your users. Modular, configurable, and able to be brought in line with your company’s branding; Talentsoft HR software is entirely configurable and integrates seamlessly with your existing processes. The result is a dynamic platform that is adapted not just to your company, but to each employee.

3. One user-friendly application to connect your team. Discover a collective HR system with Talentsoft. Our application will change the way your company operates. Thanks to the intuitive interface and collaborative functions, your employees can engage in meaningful discussions with their HR managers to further their careers.

4. Developed in Europe, used globally. International talent management at the local level, Talentsoft adapts itself to each company—whatever the HR system, country, language or local regulation. Talentsoft makes it possible to manage talent on a global scale, while still respecting the local regulations of your subsidiaries, wherever they are.

Features of Talentsoft HR Software

Talentsoft offers a full suite of integrated HR software solutions, so you can choose the products that directly correspond with your strategic goals. For more information on what Talentsoft can do for you, see the table below:

Full Integration Real Time Updates Intuitive Interface
Adapted to consolidate and enhance your existing HR system Receive real time updates for actionable insights Centralized monitoring from the Talentsoft homepage
Customizable to meet your line of branding Granular analysis to enhance and streamline decision making Multiple formats and graphics for clear data display
Create and personalize your appraisal documents for employees and managers Share information on a local, regional or global scale Enable your employees to take control of their careers through training and mobility requests
Consolidate your employee information in a single database Quickly identify future needs and manage headcount Comprehensive overview of your HR processes and business strategy at a glance