Actively Engage Your Talents with My Talentsoft

Are you providing your employees with the resources they need to succeed? Introducing My Talentsoft: a fully-integrated digital HR and employee portal that centralizes your employees’ information and career development, while at the same time helping to streamline your HR processes.

Employee collaboration is the key to success. That’s why we’ve redesigned HR and employee communication from the ground up. Our centralized system provides your talents with an intuitive and interactive online profile designed to help them determine their goals. This can then be used to enrich all HR processes; meaning it’s possible to streamline appraisals, development plans, and salary reviews, all from a single location. What’s more, your HR managers can send internal career opportunities and give recommendations directly to your employees’ homepage. The My Talentsoft digital HR portal reinforces your company culture through targeted internal career development, ensuring your biggest assets – your talents – remain.

My Talentsoft: Intuitive Employee Portal Software

1. A personalized, cloud-based employee portal, My Talentsoft is the center of your employees’ professional development. Here, intuitive navigation is made possible thanks to the easy-to-use dashboard, while quick access to a unique, customizable employee profile makes it possible for your employees to record their skills and progress along their journey. And because Talentsoft offers a multi-lingual service, no matter what language your team members operate in, My Talentsoft can be customized to their needs—making it ideal for international offices and multinationals.

2. Improve your employee retention and potential with My Talentsoft. In addition to enhanced usability, the My Talentsoft platform provides access to a comprehensive library for internal career development. Your employees can upload skill sets or identify competency gaps, sign up for learning courses, apply for vacancies, as well as receive personalized suggestions—all via the My Talentsoft employee portal homepage. So, your talents can take control of their careers, and develop a customized personal development plan that meets their ambitions.

End-to-End Solution: A Comprehensive HR Portal

Increase the efficiency of your HR department with the My Talentsoft human resources portal. Designed to encourage your employees to reach their potential while streamlining all HR processes, the My Talentsoft HR portal offers end-to-end solutions that help grow and retain your talent.

From hiring through to mobility planning, My Talentsoft provides guided and direct access to all your HR processes. Create a strong employer brand thanks to centralized access to internal offers. Your newest employees are able to integrate better thanks to personalized messages and actions delivered directly to their My Talentsoft homepage. This is then backed by customized professional development plans with long-term vision. What’s more, our platform makes sure that all your employees are up-to-date with the latest mobility offers—helping to transform your newest employees into your best and brightest.