HR Analytics Made Simple: Talentsoft

Revolutionize HR analytics into an ongoing learning cycle with Talentsoft. Leverage your HR data for in-context insights and enhanced decision-making; with pre-packaged indicators that allow for a granular style of analysis, the Talentsoft HR Analytics solution enables you to anticipate and act as necessary. What’s more, all of your stakeholders can become a part of the continuous improvement of your business—helping to improve and strengthen your organization throughout. Experience the benefits of Talentsoft’s full suite of products today.

Integrated talent analytics

Consolidate your employee data and become a strategic partner with Talentsoft HR Analytics. Our leading solution provides a comprehensive overview of your workforce by consolidating the data from all talent management processes. This information can then be filtered by category for in-depth analysis. What’s more, we take this and pair it with unparalleled usability. Talentsoft comes complete with easy to create and fully-customizable dashboards—with no IT knowledge necessary—so your HR department become key players in decision-making.

Finally, Talentsoft HR analytics allows you to future-proof your company structure by identifying potential departure risks. Thanks to the comprehensive overview of your employee information, our solution makes it possible to see at a glance who is likely to leave. So you can plan for the future through competency and skill training—increasing employee satisfaction and improving your retention rates.

About the Talentsoft solution

Whatever size company, and wherever it’s located, Talentsoft brings cloud-based talent management solution to your HR system. Established in 2007, with over 5 million users in 100 countries, we’re now one of the leading suites designed to help HR managers identify, assess, develop and retain their talents. Providing end-to-end solutions that cover all HR processes, from hiring and internal mobility to workforce planning and compensation. Also included with Talentsoft are powerful HR data analytics that give you a holistic view of your employees. To experience the full range of Talentsoft products, Sign up for a free trail today.