Rapid Learning with Talentsoft

Meet the demands of professional training with rapid learning. As part of the Talentsoft Learning platform, our rapid e-learning solutions enable businesses to create engaging training content in just a few clicks. From PowerPoint presentations to video tutorials, rapid learning ensures a quick turnaround for optimal results. Click here to learn more about our e-learning solutions, and discover how Talentsoft Learning can optimize your professional training strategy today.

Rapid Learning Explained

The creation of course material can be a lengthy process, consisting of several stages and requiring input from multiple sources. It may be several months before the content is ready—leaving critical skills gaps unaddressed. At Talentsoft, we have developed rapid e-learning solutions in order to streamline the entire production process. You can create high quality training content in a matter of clicks, ensuring a timely response to your employees’ training needs.

As part of the Talentsoft Learning Content Management System, there are a range of rapid learning solutions to choose from. With the TvLearn® feature, you can quickly convert PowerPoint presentations into training material: simply add audio or video commentary using a microphone or webcam and publish it online as distance learning content. Alternatively, create video tutorials in record time with step-by-step guidance from the software. Our rapid learning tools convert your existing documents into dynamic, interactive training resources—ensuring maximum output regardless of time constraints.

Benefits of Rapid E-Learning

Rapid e-learning is a great solution for both small and large firms who want to manage their organizational training or knowledge in the form of ongoing learning. Whereas traditional training can take months to complete, rapid learning has an average turnaround of 3 weeks and since. There’s no need for an instructional development team, labor costs are significantly reduced—improving company training and optimizing your budget. Another benefit of rapid e-learning is the ability to create training materials faster, allowing you to respond to unique training needs in real-time and ensuring that your workforce training is always ready to adapt to changes in the market or your corporate structure.

About Talentsoft Training & Digital Learning Services

At Talentsoft Learning, we understand that in order to meet the demands of modern business, your training and education has to be efficient, effective, and responsive. To help you rise to these challenges, we’ve developed Talentsoft Learning: a combination LMS and LCMS that enables you to create, publish, and deploy engaging training content in the form of blended and rapid learning. What’s more, Talentsoft Learning is fully compatible with the existing Talentsoft portfolio.