Talentsoft LMS

The Talentsoft Learning Management System is a platform for publishing, sharing, managing and monitoring your blended learning materials. At Talentsoft we understand that training is crucial to employee retention and internal mobility—and that it needs to be delivered as effectively as possible. Our LMS provides all the tools you need to organize training courses, engage your employees in relevant programs and monitor their progress on an ongoing basis. Nurture professional development and create an interactive learning community with the Talentsoft LMS.

High Quality Training Delivered Efficiently

High quality training depends not only on creating useful content, but on delivering it as effectively as possible. With the Talentsoft LMS, you can publish and deploy your educational content in a matter of clicks—and in the way that suits your company best. Reduce the high travel costs and scheduling issues traditionally associated with corporate training and use the Talentsoft LMS to deliver effective digital content that’s accessible on any device. Revolutionize the way you train by organizing virtual classrooms; take advantage of audio and videoconferencing tools to deliver interactive lessons that are tailored to your audience.

With Talentsoft LMS, you also have the option of creating and sharing your own training catalog. This is effectively a dedicated portal for presenting your training department; easily customize and edit your e-catalog of resources, update and publish course information and manage registrations and payments. What’s more, with SEO optimization, you can increase the visibility of your unique training catalog—be it within your company or for external marketing purposes.

An LMS that Tracks Learner Progress

Along with publishing and delivering e-courses, the Talentsoft LMS makes it easy to track the progress of your employees thanks to comprehensive statistics—including time spent per learning unit, number of logins, date of last login and overall progress. The Talentsoft LMS software makes it possible to manage and track blended learning courses and curricula assembled from online content, classroom events and virtual classroom meetings.

The Talentsoft LMS not only facilitates progress on an individual level; it also helps to boost performance throughout your entire organization. Our multilingual system can be implemented on a national, regional or global scale, providing a complete overview of your company as a whole. With Talentsoft Learning solutions, simplifying global certification efforts and aligning learning initiatives with your strategic goals has never been easier.

About Talentsoft Learning Management System

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