Talentsoft Learning Content Management System

Designed for training professionals: the Talentsoft LCMS. In today’s workplace, training needs to be engaging, efficient and effective. The solution: Talentsoft LCMS, a unique SaaS software that helps to align your employee training programs with your strategic business goals. With the Talentsoft LCMS, you can create and manage all your educational materials from a single, intuitive platform—enhancing employee skills and boosting productivity. Maximize your resources and streamline employee training with Talentsoft Learning.

Simply Create: Talentsoft Learning Content Management Systems

Traditional LCMS pose several challenges for employers: from massive content creation to efficient project management and knowledge sharing. Talentsoft LCMS works to meet these challenges through a range of smart tools and features that can all be accessed via a single, centralized interface. All resources are saved in real-time to the cloud, eliminating the issue of data loss and providing a secure, reliable solution. Talentsoft Learning simplifies the process of creating custom engaging materials to support the delivery of quality e-learning and face-to-face training sessions.

Our platform makes it easy to address a range of learning needs and provide high-quality training on a company-wide scale. Employers can create blended learning paths, focusing on both in-person training and e-learning resources that can be used on any device—allowing for a highly adaptable approach. Our LCMS also facilitates collaboration; training teams can store, share and annotate all educational materials via the platform and tag them for reuse. Synchronization keeps all documents up-to-date, while the integrated search engine makes it easy to quickly locate relevant resources. At the same time, employers can create on-site training kits complete with lesson plans, educational games and trainer guides—ensuring consistency across the board.

Features of the Talentsoft LCMS

  • Rapid Learning: With our rapid learning features, you can create and deploy high-quality training in just a few clicks. Create a tutorial or movie in record time with step-by-step guidance, convert your existing PowerPoint slideshows into e-learning videos or discover a new way to train with TvLearn®—a smart tool for adding audio and video commentary to your PowerPoint presentations and turning them into training modules.
  • Animated Course Creation: Animated course creation enables you to accommodate new styles of learning while engaging with your employees in a unique way. This includes scenario-based learning templates designed to help participants benefit from dynamic educational content and interactive exercises.
  • Creation from the Online Editor: The Talentsoft LCMS provides you with all the tools you need to engage your organization’s key talents and streamline your creation process. With the Talentsoft Learning online editor, you design, create, and publish your training material from a single, unified platform.
  • In-Module Assessment: Engage with your employees at every stage of the learning process. In-module assessment offers instant feedback, ensuring participants remain engaged and motivated throughout. At the same time, employers can monitor the success of their resources and keep track of employee progress.

About Talentsoft Learning Content Management System

Talentsoft is the European leader for cloud-based talent management and digital learning software. We provide applications for recruiting, performance, career development, compensation management and learning. If you would like to learn more about our e-learning software click here, and for more information on our talent management services click here.