What is E-Learning?

In today’s business world, qualifications can quickly fall out of step with the market. This has led to an increasing need for companies to develop their own internal training processes in order to close skill gaps and remain competitive. However, traditional methods such as face-to-face training can be expensive and time-consuming—and are not always effective. Digital learning—or e-learning—leverages the power of digital platforms to deliver tailor-made training directly to employees, providing a quick, cost-effective and altogether more engaging solution.

What are the Different Types of E-Learning?

By definition, e-learning refers to the delivery of educational material via a digital platform—be it a PC, smartphone or tablet. However, e-learning can take many different forms, and the methods used can vary greatly depending on the organization and its objectives. Talentsoft Learning focuses on e-learning materials designed for businesses: this includes both blended and rapid e-learning methods. Within this, users are free to choose from a variety of formats, such as tutorials, videos and educational games, as well as scenario-based learning with interactive exercises.

What E-Learning Can Do for Your Company

Each style of e-learning comes with its own benefits. Blended e-learning is ideal for longer training sessions as it promotes team work and peer-to-peer interaction—both of which are proven to stimulate learning—thereby reducing administration and travel costs. By contrast, rapid e-learning is ideal for companies who require a fast turnaround, allowing new information and training to be disseminated quickly and on short notice. Depending on your company’s unique requirements, e-learning can help to meet short-term training needs but also become part of a more comprehensive, long-term professional development strategy.

About the Talentsoft Learning Platform

At Talentsoft, we know that talented employees are key to business success. For companies striving to remain competitive, we have developed the Talentsoft Learning platform; a blended LMS and LCMS that allows you to create, publish, deploy and manage all your training material from a single, unified platform. Click here to learn more about the e-learning solutions from the Talentsoft Learning platform, and click here to learn more about our talent management products and services.